The Arctic in Astana that saw the visitors of the Russian pavilion at EXPO-2017

In the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana opened the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. The main theme of the global event, which will last three months, will be energy: the main slogan of the EXPO “energy of the future”.

The exhibition was attended by 115 countries.

The Russian pavilion is one of the largest — it occupies an area of more than a thousand square meters. The exposition focuses on the ability of our country to ensure energy security around the world, using the resources of the Russian North in the preservation of the unique Arctic ecosystem.

Iceberg inside

To enter the pavilion of Russia through the “portal of power”. Familiarity with the main exposition starts with the installation “Energy of the Arctic”. Multimedia decorations that mimic the Arctic ice cap and an artificial Aurora Borealis, it allows you to feel the atmosphere of the North.

Inside the pavilion guests can relax from the summer heat of Astana. In its center there is a real iceberg. Around blocks of ice in the pool displays layouts of Russian ice-breakers, paving the way for resources of the Arctic. Also in the pavilion present their expositions of the Russian companies that operate in the energy sector.

“Future energy” is disclosed in thematic sectors dedicated to the domestic energy achievements and future developments in hydroelectric power, hydrocarbon sector, the sector of alternative and renewable energy.

In support of the Year of ecology in Russia, the exhibition also presents the theme of preserving the existing ecological systems, flora and fauna. The visitor can see a dynamic video installation: “the Natural world of the Arctic”, “the Underwater world of the Arctic. Shelf”, “Arctic flora and fauna. The ice”. Special attention is given to projects for preserving and restoring populations of rare animals.

In the framework of Russia’s participation in EXPO-2017, organized by the international business program, dedicated to the most important areas in the energy sector. The main theme will be the search of the global energy balance.

The balloon of the future

The organizers of EXPO 2017 claim that the main goal of the international exhibition the search for new, renewable energy sources, as well as the extraction and use of traditional energy resources is the most secure, for humans and for nature.

Key topics for discussion will be:

  • Promote the use of renewable energy sources

  • The effective use and rational energy consumption

  • Electrification of transport

  • The availability of clean energy

  • Global warming and climate change

  • Environmental pollution and impact on human health

The Central pavilion at the exhibition, which looks like a huge glass globe with a height of 100 meters, called “future Energy”. On the first floor the exposition of the host country — Kazakhstan. In the remaining seven the visitors to our booth will see examples of the use of energy, space, solar, biomass, wind, water and kinetics. Last floor globe is an observation deck.