The government will continue to support the agricultural sector after the removal of bradenburg

Moscow. June 15. INTERFAX.RU – Farmers should not count on direct support from the state, which would be contrary to the WTO rules, but indirect support of the industry will continue, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Not direct support, but indirect, which is not prohibited under the WTO – and there are many, in fact, loopholes – of course, it will continue. But such a massive, direct, rude or something – probably, it is not necessary to count. You now need to do everything to be competitive in the short term,” said Putin during a “straight line” on Thursday.

According to him, Russian farmers to the time of withdrawal, bradenburg should be able to compete with Western manufacturers due to the quality, production efficiency and logistics. Answering the question about the possibility of an extension of bradenburg, Putin said that Russia will be forced to remove it, if the Western countries will remove anti-Russian sanctions.

“We will see how will develop our relations with countries that impose restrictions on our economy. As for the infinite prolongation of some limitations: if our partners in relation to our economy sanctions will be removed, then we too will have to do it, otherwise we will face problems in the WTO. I want to say that, first, we need to ensure competition in the internal market in the interests of consumers, including, for residents of large cities, and secondly, we hope we help you today with all your strength so you gained momentum, would be competitive. And if the quality and productivity you will be not lower than your competitors, you will always have an advantage in their own market, having in mind that you have the logistics are much cheaper,” – said Putin.

“We proceeded from the fact that our farmers, including producer of meat in livestock and fruit and vegetables, must gain such momentum to close the home consumption market, and you can do it”, – he said.

According to him, the result is already there, in particular, the development of production influenced the decrease in inflation from 12.9% two years ago to 4.1%.

“Two years ago – we all know – just the production of vegetables and fruits was the most problematic point, including impact on incomes, because the prices have grown. We closed, in fact, import, or covered it much, but its own output, necessary for our consumers, we did not have. We did everything – now I will not enumerate these measures, you know them better than I do, hope you used them to our producers increased their production of vegetables and fruits, especially vegetables,” – said Putin.

He answered a question from the Chairman of the public Council under the Ministry of agriculture, President of the National horticultural Union, Sergey Korolev on measures to support the industry after the abolition of bradenburg.

According to the Queen, because of bradenburg and investment, the industry has seen growth of 20-30% per year. “Today you touched on the issue of sanctions, we do take those measures which were introduced against Russia, as a gift, an additional tool to support our agro-industrial complex. Responses that were entered have yielded a return effect. Today, as for vegetable, fruit we are growing at such a pace that did not grow for the time of the Soviet Union, the modern history of Russia”, – he said.

Investments in vegetable growing since the introduction of predamage amounted to 150 billion rubles. “We remain ready to continue this work, but all interested in the question whether we are to renew our anti-sanctions and when these sanctions are over, can we count on your support to protect the domestic market, as it has been under Turkish tomatoes” asked Korolev.