Expert: nuclear energy can solve the energy supply problem of the Arctic

MOSCOW, June 16. /TASS/. The problem of energy supply of the Russian Arctic territories can be solved through nuclear power, which despite the risks, causes least harm to the ecosystem of the Arctic. Such an opinion during an open discussion of national public standard for “Environmental security in the Arctic” the Minister expressed Director of the Institute of industrial ecology problems of the North KSC RAS (IPPAS) Vladimir Masloboev.

“We have a huge problem with you – the energy supply activities in the Arctic. And as if there you did not say that nuclear energy is bad, that the plans of Russia on creation of floating nuclear power plants is bad, however, the Canadians will have two types of size economical, compact, capacity from 4 up to 10 MW stations to provide its Arctic projects,” he said.

Masloboev noted that to protect the Arctic from climate change and the resulting consequences of people not, nevertheless, “inside the Arctic, we can work with you to ensure that when navigation is not used heavy fractions of oil and natural gas, for example.”

According to the expert, the environmental standard needs to be adopted and adapted not only Russian business, but also launched into the international level, with the prospect of becoming international Arctic standard.

National public standard “Environmental security in the Arctic” was developed by Association of polar explorers and the Corporation “Russian grids”. The document is a set of rules of ecological behavior of economic entities, based on the regulations, the proposals of the public and environmental organizations.