The holding company shvabe has patented a system of automated control of buildings and structures

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. The holding shvabe received a patent for a system of automated control of buildings and structures, allowing to monitor the condition of structures, and monitor deformations. About it reports on Friday the press-service of the company.

“Holding shvabe received a patent for a equipment that allows the automated inspection of structures of buildings and civil engineering structures during their operation. The novelty raises the quality of control of deformations occurring in the structure as a whole and on its separate areas,” – said the press service.

Experts of Scientific research Institute “Polyus” (part of “shvabe” – approx. TASS) include a new system for measuring equipment. “The system developed by the specialists of the holding “Schwabe”, Scientific – research Institute “Polyus” – allows to detect the deformations of buildings or civil engineering structures and to prevent their destruction. This is due to the fact that our system creates a conditional image of the object and captures even the most minimal deviations from parameters”, – quotes the press service quoted the General Director of the Institute Yevgeny Kuznetsov.

It is noted that special software creates a conventional image structures with fixed values corresponding to their permissible values. At the time of diagnosis of the building in different locations are established, the laser gyro sensors. They record deviations from the set parameters of controlled structures or parts. Then all obtained data are compared with fixed values.

“Another feature of the patented system “Schwabe” – it allows you to record deviations at different loads on the structure. This approach allows to improve the accuracy of the control state of buildings and civil engineering structures in the course of their operation,” – said the press service.

Holding “Schwabe” is a state Corporation “rostec” and brings together several dozen organizations, including 19 companies of the optical industry. The holding enterprises produce a full range of optronic and laser technology in the interests of national defense, state security and public safety. Their production sites are developing innovative opto-electronic and laser systems for the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. Today representative offices of the holding company are China, Germany, Switzerland and Belarus.