Telegram released an update to bypass the lock

Moscow. June 30. INTERFAX.RU – Telegram released an update that makes the messenger more resistant to locking, the company does not intend to share private user data with the authorities of Russia or any other country, said the owner of the service Pavel Durov.

“Today’s update to Telegram makes it more resistant to potential blockages in the future on the territory of Russia and other countries”, – wrote Durov on Friday on his page “Vkontakte”. He said that despite the Russian authorities ‘ statements that the issue of the Telegram lock in Russia at the moment is not worth it, the contradiction between the privacy policy of the messenger and the legislation of the Russian Federation remain.

“Telegram works on common principles all over the world: even in conservative Iran, where Facebook is blocked and Twitter and Telegram where more than 40 million active users, the government had received from us a byte of your personal data. We will not make exceptions to our principles for the sake of preserving market share in selected countries”, – wrote Durov.

As specified in the official blog of the service, the updated version of messenger for mobile devices 4.1 Telegram for iOS and Android. It is noted that there is a “tool anticensura” as the ability to configure the proxy server.

“We believe in a free and safe communication. Our duty is to create technology that will help protect the rights of our users around the world on privacy and freedom of speech”, – is spoken in the message.

Roskomnadzor at the end of last week called on the command Telegram and personally by the owner of Pavel Durov to fulfill the Russian legislation, providing information for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. The head of Department Alexander Zharov pointed out that the time for compliance is short and in case of further ignoring the requirements of the messenger will be blocked on the territory of Russia.

On Wednesday, Durov announced that he had no objection to the inclusion of the messenger in the register of distributors of information and proposed Roskomnadzor to take the necessary data in open sources.

On the same day the press Secretary of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said “Interfax” that the messenger brought in the register of organisers of dissemination of information. “Just made. The number of registered record 90-PP,” said Ampelonskiy.