Russia and Belarus are real allies, was confirmed by the leaders of the two countries

Russia and Belarus are real allies, was confirmed by the leaders of the two countries

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Past Friday in Moscow under the leadership of the presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko’s meeting of the Supreme state Council (SSC) of the Union state was concluded with the adoption of nine documents.

The parties also agreed to work to ensure equal conditions for Russian and Belarusian companies on the markets of the two countries. Putin and Lukashenka participated in the Fourth forum of regions of Russia and Belarus.

The reserves are

Russia and Belarus have reserves to return to the previous pace of development of bilateral trade and economic recovery, Putin said at a meeting of the GHS. According to him, it is necessary to continue the implementation of major infrastructure projects, improve business climate, to remove remaining between the two economies trade and investment barriers and to pursue a coordinated economic policy.

“If we do this, our producers will be able on equal terms to compete with world leaders”, – said the President of the Russian Federation. Moscow and Minsk, he continued, intend to pay attention to strengthen cooperation in engineering, where it is important to increase its own power, the production of high-tech products, to support promising projects and initiatives to promote on foreign markets the jointly manufactured goods.

In the field of agriculture, Putin said, should be more vigorously introduce advanced technologies and to pursue the creation of modern livestock complexes. In addition, in his opinion, it is necessary to pay more attention to breeding and genetic centers, increase the export potential of the agrarian systems of the two countries.

In addition, both countries will work to ensure on their territories, equal conditions for Russian and Belarusian companies, Putin said. “For the period of 2018-2020 years, special attention will be paid to ensuring equal conditions for doing business in Russia and Belarus, as well as our companies and businesses to markets,” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

He recalled that a little over two years ago, Russia and Belarus approved the priority directions of further development of the Union state by the end of 2017. According to him, posed in this document, the task is mainly done “has managed to consolidate the positive dynamics of the bilateral integration process, much has been done in the area of migration, harmonization of legislation in the antitrust, tax and monetary fields, for the development of humanitarian contacts”. The Russian President noted that Moscow and Minsk to effectively implement a programme of concerted action in foreign policy, “as befitting real allies.”

Reasonable offers

The Belarusian leader at the meeting of the GHS expressed the hope that the relevant ministries of Russia and Belarus will continue the constructive cooperation in forming a common market of gas, oil and petroleum products. “Before we proceed to the main discussion, let me remind you that earlier in St. Petersburg was agreed principles for bilateral cooperation in the oil and gas sector until 2025. I look forward to continuing the constructive engagement of sectoral ministries concerning the formation of common market of gas, oil and petroleum products within the Eurasian economic Union,” – said Lukashenko.

In addition, according to him, Russia and Belarus will examine the possibility of cancellation of international roaming between the two countries. “I think this is a reasonable proposal,” – said the Belarusian leader. “Let the Ministers, the Protocol record this will do!” Lukashenka said.

Earlier Friday, an initiative held in Moscow Forum of regions of Russia and Belarus was made by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, according to which to have roaming between the two countries was “wild.” Before that, one of representatives of Belarus at the forum lamented that the citizens of his country, entering the territory of Russia, are forced to pay for mobile communication according to the tariffs of international roaming. At the meeting of the Supreme state Council of the Union state Matviyenko also addressed the presidents of this proposal.

Nine documents

Special focus on HCV was given to the development of cooperation in the fields of engineering and agriculture, said the state Secretary of the Union state Grigory Rapota summing up the meeting. In addition, according to him, they discussed issues of economic cooperation. In particular, it was noted that in the first quarter of this year saw an increase in trade between the two countries, which amounted to about 30%. Union state Secretary expressed hope that this trend will continue.

“It was noted that the running priority plan the priority tasks in further development of the Union state, in 2017 it is completed, all aspects are executed properly. Noted was a social sphere that is most closely connected to the everyday life of people,” – said Rapota. The Secretary of the Union state added that the parties discussed a number of issues outside the agenda, including the restoration of the Brest fortress and the issue of financing of the memorial to Soviet soldiers in Rzhev. According to Rapota, the Belarusian side expressed willingness to participate in the financing of this memorial.

Following the meeting, GHS was adopted nine documents. It was, in particular, signed resolution “On preservation of potential of machine-building complex of the Federal state” and “On cooperation in the sphere of agro-industrial complex of the Union state”. Also adopted the resolution “On the results of trade and economic cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation for the year 2016, On the implementation of the priorities and the priorities of the further development of the Union state in the medium term (2014-2017)” and “On the implementation of the Programme of concerted actions in foreign policy of the States parties to the Treaty on establishing the Union state for the period of 2016-2017 years.”

The list of documents includes the resolution “On the implementation of the concept of social development of the Union state for 2011-2015”, the decree “About the Chairman of the Border Committee of the Union state”, the resolution “On the implementation of decisions of the Supreme state Council of the Union state” and the resolution “On the main issues for the meetings of the Supreme State Council of the Union state in 2017”.

The presidents on the forum

Before the meeting of the Supreme state Council of the Union state, Putin and Lukashenko took part in the work was held in Moscow for the Fourth forum of regions of Russia and Belarus. This year it is dedicated to the development of interregional cooperation in the sphere of high technologies, innovations and information society.

Addressing the forum participants, Putin stressed that Russia and Belarus should actively introduce digital technology in the industry. “Today, before our eyes, a new industrial structure, based on the active introduction of digital technologies, innovative materials, robotics, green energy. And how we will be able to respond to these technological challenges will determine the long-term competitiveness of our countries, their position in the global division of labor. I will allow myself even more to say after we do it, will depend to a large extent our fate,” he said.

According to the Russian President, it is necessary to increase joint efforts to establish industrial platforms, engineering centers, to build flexible chains for the production of high-tech products that meet the highest international standards. In addition, it is necessary to combine production, personnel and scientific potential of Russia and Belarus, he added. One of the perspective directions of joint activities Putin called innovative medicine.

In turn, the Belarusian President called for the creation of a joint Russian-Belarusian production in the field of import substitution. According to him, the sanctions “have pushed Russia once again to a strong movement for import substitution”. “We adjusted these rates, under this direction, and together with the Russians we are today easier to work on import substitution”, – he said.

In addition, he said, the Belarus task is to turn IT in-state. “In the near future we will adopt a legal framework for such development of the situation in Belarus”, – Lukashenka emphasized. “These legal documents have been prepared by the Belarusians and Russians, submitted to the highest authorities of Belarus,” – he said, expressing confidence that the project will be common to the two countries and will contribute to the development of society and economy.

HCV Union state

Earlier it was planned that a meeting of the HCV will be held in December 2016. However, due to some disagreements, particularly on the price of Russian gas supplied Lukashenko did not consider it possible then to arrive to Russia. His visit to Russia took place only on 3 April this year. But then his meeting with Putin took place in the plain of the talks, and not the SSC meeting.

The state Council is the Supreme body of the Union state. It is composed of the heads of state, heads of government, heads of chambers of parliaments of Russia and Belarus. Among its main tasks – addressing critical development issues of the Union state, formation of the Union state bodies, appointment of elections to the house of representatives of the Parliament of the Union state, approving the Union state budget, adopted by its Parliament and annual reports on its implementation; approval of international treaties of the Union state, ratified by the Parliament.