The Kremlin says the meeting of Putin and trump in Hamburg is equally important for Russia and the United States

The Kremlin says the meeting of Putin and trump in Hamburg is equally important for Russia and the United States

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. The presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will meet at the G20 summit in Hamburg, this contact is important for bilateral and international relations.

This confidence was expressed by the assistant to the Russian leader Yury Ushakov.

“Agreed that the presidents will meet, but the graphs dense enough”, – said the representative of the Kremlin noted that Putin on the margins of the summit has already been agreed around 11 bilateral contacts. “But, nevertheless, we together with our American partners to look for intervals, a kind of window for holding this important meeting – continued Ushakov. – We will try to agree on, and I am confident that the presidents will meet in Hamburg with each other”.

According to the presidential aide, the meeting “really important” for bilateral and international relations. He recalled that there were several telephone conversations between Putin and trump what “enough” because bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington are “virtually zero”. “And for ensuring international stability and security, this meeting, of course, will be of paramount importance,” – said Ushakov.

According to him, the Russian side has designated the American partners of those meetings that Putin has already agreed in the framework of “twenty”. “Signal from administration [USA] arrived later [align contacts], and now, given the importance of this meeting [with trump] we are trying to find her window, as the meeting is required to spend,” – said Ushakov.

Topics for discussion

The Kremlin expects that the meeting will be several questions. Ushakov drew attention to media publications that the American side intends to raise the topics of Syria and Ukraine. “I think it’s quite logical – these two topics to discuss,” – said Ushakov. According to him, the Kremlin also consider it necessary “in the first place” to discuss the issue of international terrorism, because it also needs the cooperation of Russia and the USA. “There are many other topics that we are ready to discuss,” continued Ushakov, explaining that we are talking in particular about “all regional topics” on the topic of arms control and bilateral relations.

He agreed that “problem areas” in the bilateral relations of Russia and the US a lot. Responding to a question about whether there are opportunities for agreement between Moscow and Washington on these issues, Ushakov said that “concrete agreements had not yet been attained, and hence the importance of the upcoming meeting – the first personal contact [presidents]”. “I think the atmosphere of the meeting may allow to solve many issues, including cooperation in the international arena, and the issues that hang on a bilateral level”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

According to Ushakov, Russia and the United States “there is considerable potential for coordination of efforts in combating international terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”. “Our countries are able to do a lot together to resolve regional crises – the Ukrainian, Palestinian and Israeli, Yemeni, Libyan, Afghan, etc,” said assistant to the President of the Russian Federation. In addition, he added, “in an interview with trump may be affected by the subject of arms control and strategic stability, for the maintenance of which Russia and the United States as the largest nuclear powers bear a special responsibility”, despite the fact that the intensity of the dialogue in this area was “dramatically reduced” by the administration of former us leader Barack Obama in 2014, when it curtailed military contacts.

As noted Ushakov, fully remain popular well as cultural and humanitarian exchanges between Russia and the United States. “We have a lot of topics that should be discussed at the highest level, we have a discussion ready for all – bilateral and multilateral agenda”, – concluded the representative of the Kremlin.

Russia remains committed to a principled line on preserving the territorial integrity and the secular nature of Syria, also said Ushakov. According to him, coordination of the Russian Federation and the United States in the context of the situation in Syria “has special meaning.” “The principled line of Russia is to preserve its [Syria’s] territorial integrity and the secular character while respecting the traditional ethno-confessional balance, eradicating the terrorist threat, conducting policyreform, the principles of which should be developed in an inclusive inter-Syrian dialogue without outside pressure,” – said Ushakov.

The situation around the Russian departmenti

The Kremlin also hopes that Washington will relieve Moscow of the need to respond to the weaning of the Russian diplomatic property in the United States. “It is necessary, it seems to me, release, finally, the Russian side on the need to take retaliatory measures to new year actions of the previous administration [the White house], in particular, by weaning us diplomatic property. I even think that the Americans have probably tired of the “Shine” as one of the violators of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations of 1961,” – said Ushakov.

He added that “the patience of the Russian side enough, but it is not infinite,” and recalled that nobody cancelled a principle of reciprocity in international Affairs. “We showed a great deal of flexibility and a constructive approach [in this issue]. This question is important, of course, was taken from us diplomatic property, a violation of the Vienna Convention,” again drew the attention of Ushakov. “We understand that it’s complicated that relations with Russia have become hostage to internal political squabbles in the United States. So what? Us too hard, but we want to work and will work [with US],” explained the representative of the Kremlin.

If this issue is not resolved, Russia “can not answer”, said the presidential aide. “Any normal country in the world an unfriendly act meets some measures that it deems necessary”, – concluded Ushakov. According to him, “this may not be the main theme of” a meeting between Putin and trump. “I think the presidents will begin a conversation on the most important issues of international and bilateral agenda, but some instructions to the state Department in this regard, of course, must be given, and, I think, the atmosphere of the meeting may allow to solve many issues, including cooperation in the international arena and including questions that hang at the bilateral level”, – said the assistant head of the Russian state.

“I don’t know how the conversation will be, what time it is. In the bilateral plan is full of problems, including such seemingly “small” issues – they are, they need to solve,” – said Ushakov.

At the end of December 2016 the former US administration headed by Barack Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia, declaring persona non grata 35 employees of the Embassy in Washington and Consulate General in San Francisco and with two Russian diplomatic problem (in the States of new York and Maryland). Access to the entire Russian staff to these two complexes was closed on December 30. Washington tied the sanctions to hacker attacks on American political institutions, which are leaving the U.S. government accused Russia