“Mail of Russia” plans to create its own payment system

“Mail of Russia” plans to create its own payment system

MOSCOW, July 4. /TASS/. “Mail of Russia” will create a payment system that will allow you to pay fines and taxes, utilities, and services provided to the population by various organizations, goods and package delivery (including online stores), reported TASS in the company.

The corresponding application was posted on the procurement website.

The object of the procurement is “execution of works on development of applied software of the state information system of housing and communal services, creation of the associated payment functions (payment system), and the provision of services to support their application software.” The initial contract price is 1.42 billion.

As explained in a press-service of the postal operator, to create a payment system within the framework of the procurement it is planned to direct about 400 million rubles., and about 1 billion rubles will be allocated for the development of GIS utilities.

“Payment system “is developed by Russian Post” to create new channels for the provision of payment services (banks, retailers, kiosks, mobile channels, etc.)”, – said the representative of “Mail of Russia”. The payment system will provide the company an opportunity of reception of payments for universal technology through all possible channels.

The main activities on creation of the payment functionality of “Mail of Russia” is scheduled for completion by mid-2018, added the company.