The Central Bank revoked the license of the Moscow Bank

As reported on Wednesday morning, the Bank of Russia, by order of the regulator revoked the license of the credit organisation of KB “the Moscow national investment Bank”. He held 515 th place in the Russian banking system.

The reason for this decision of the Central Bank calls the fact that the management of the Bank “was involved in carrying out dubious operations.” In addition, CB “MNIB”, according to the regulator, do not comply with the requirements of normative acts of the Bank of Russia in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism.

Credit organization conducted high-risk lending policy connected with placement of funds into low-quality assets.

In accordance with the order of the Bank of Russia in MNIB appointed a temporary administration.

KB “MNIB” — the participant of system of insurance of contributions. Federal law provides for the payment of insurance compensation to depositors of the Bank, including individual entrepreneurs, in the amount of 100% of the remaining balance, but not more than 1,4 million rubles in aggregate per depositor.