The deputies of the Duma had violated the prohibition on voting other people’s cards

Monday writing journalists of the parliamentary pool of the office of the Duma were allowed to pass freely to the balcony in the plenary hall, where previously worked only operators of television channels and photographers.

RBC witnessed how the deputies of all factions in the voting for the bills and when checking in, pressed the button for the neighbors. According to estimates RBC, hall 5 July was filled about half. Among the missing by day, and he was the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. The meeting was chaired by the first Vice-speaker from the Communist party Ivan Melnikov. By 18:00 the speaker appeared in the courtroom. Volodin closer to the end of the meeting, warned the deputies that are in the hall of journalists and monitor who is present and how they vote. The interlocutor in an environment Volodin explained RBC that the absence of the speaker at the meeting of the day due to his involvement at this time in the security Council meeting.

Most of the missing were seen in fraction of the Communist party — more than half of the occupied seats were empty (only in the Duma Communist 42). Earlier, Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov criticized the tightening of discipline, saying that the new attendance rules “bind MPs to the seats” and do not take into account the current working practices of MPs.

As soon as the amendments to the regulations came into force, the deputies tried to vote only for themselves, but later again “relapsed,” says the interlocutor of RBC in the Communist party. According to him, the purpose of the prohibition of proxy voting had been met “was the hype in the media that Volodin has improved discipline”. The Deputy from Communist party Alexander Yushchenko denied in a conversation with RBC that the Communists vote for the colleagues on fraction.

Alexei Didenko from the liberal democratic party of Russia told RBC that the members of the faction voted only for myself, this setup in the party, however, RBC is seen as “the installation” was broken.

During the speeches of the deputies from the rostrum of their colleagues moved freely around the room, communicated with each other, read the papers, listened attentively to the speakers, and in a moment when I had to press the button, the on duty Deputy in each fraction was loudly told colleagues how to vote.

Volodin said at the end of may RBC that parliamentary discipline was able to establish and that the attendance of the meetings of the state Duma deputies reached 97%. Last autumn the state Duma in the framework of the announced new speaker struggle with low attendance of deputies approved the amendments to the regulations repealing the provision on the possibility of transferring their vote by proxy.

According to the amendments, no member can only for a good reason — it’s a hospital, participation in the parliamentary delegation, direction on a business trip by order of the speaker of the Duma and the Duma leadership, execution of powers of members of the Council of the Duma. The Deputy may also take a vacation at his own expense. Otherwise he will be fined 1/6 of salary (approximately 60 thousand rubles.) for absence of each plenary session. Absent at the meeting is the Deputy, who never for a day did not register in the hall (check-in takes place three times a day).

The Chairman of the Committee on rules Olga Savastianova regularly tells reporters that no ditch was not revealed.

The author of the amendment on the abolition of voting by proxy, the Vice-speaker of United Russia Sergei Neverov said in the autumn that the transfer of the right to vote is the transfer of responsibility. “But voters chose a particular MP and that he was entrusted the right to Express their opinion, therefore, the duty to vote it can not be ignored”, — he told “Kommersant”.

To put journalists on the balcony in the courtroom began after the speaker Volodin returned from South Korea where local MPs told him that they can only vote in person. Representatives of the South Korean Parliament speaker said that the deputies did not vote for each other, watched by journalists in the courtroom.

Political analyst Alexei Makarkin recognizes that the full voting members for colleagues restrictive measures can not cope. “Although after the introduction of Volodin control discipline practices when the hall sits a third of the deputies, and the vote goes, I did not” — he said in comments to RBC. While Makarkin reminds that no one can deny the deputies, for example, be absent due to illness. “And then can only help public oversight and control of journalists. If, for example, it is known that the MP is constantly on the sick-list, and in fact controls the company or is studying, as there is the development of parliamentarism in the French Riviera, about this need to report, and every such investigation should obtain an appropriate response of society,” — said the expert.