The TFR declined to dismiss the case ex-the mayor of Penza of embezzling money “Rostec”

The investigative Committee refused to stop the criminal case of Alexander Pashkov, a former mayor of Penza, and then adviser to the Governor of the Penza region, accused of embezzlement of 97 million rubles this is stated in the resolution of the investigator of regional Department of the TFR Alexei Abanina from 3 June. Thus, rejected the petition of the lawyer Vyacheslav Pashkov Feoktistova from 30 June to dismiss (copies of documents are at the disposal of RBC).

Pashkov, and also the founder of construction company “Sigma” Serhiy Bogunov accused of fraud in especially large size, embezzlement and incitement to it in the construction of the perinatal center in Penza. Both face up to ten years of imprisonment.

According to the TFR, Bogunov from February to April 2015 “at the instigation of the Pashkov” stole 67 million rubles, which the company received as an advance for the construction work. Another 30 million rubles, he gave Pashkov, which he also stole. According to the investigation, Pashkov Bogunova convinced that the funds will be used to bribe officials and other officials for supporting the interests of “Sigma” in the implementation of this project. Actually Pashkov spent them for own needs, claimed the TFR.

Perinatal center is being built in Penza in 2014 by order of the state Corporation “rostec”, the General contractor of the project is its subsidiary — “RT-social insurance”. The company “Sigma” was a subcontractor to “RT-social insurance”, won the tender and signed a contract for construction in excess of 1.5 billion RUB At the same Bogunov and Pashkov, according to investigators, was going to steal about 15% of this amount, that is 228.9 million RUB However just was abducted 97 million rubles from “theft of the remaining funds Bogunov Pashkov and voluntarily given,” reads the indictment (RBC).

The defense insisted that Sigma had the opportunity to perform work under the contract in full, but it could save you: “No crime can not be that Bogunov in obtaining a fixed price from the “RT-social insurance” in the amount of 1.5 billion roubles were spent on execution of works 1.2 billion rubles, thus earning 300 million rubles”. The company “Sigma” stated that the accused fully compensate the harm.

In November 2016 TFR announced the completion of an investigation, but prosecutors have not approved the indictment, demanding to assess the damage sustained by the budget. At the end of June 2017, the accused has completed familiarization with the case after posledstviya. The investigative Committee, said in response to the investigator Abanina lawyer Feoktistov, convinced that the fault of defendants is proved.

In 2010, Pashkov, who held the post of mayor of Penza, and then first Vice-Premier of the government of the Penza region, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for fraud, abuse of authority, falsification of evidence and other crimes (caused by him and accomplices damage to the local budget was estimated at 89.9 million rubles.). However, in September 2012, he was paroled, and then became an adviser to the Governor on public principles.