The Central Bank issued a commemorative coin in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Aivazovsky

MOSCOW, 5 July. /TASS/. The Bank of Russia issued a commemorative coin in honor of the 200th birthday of the artist Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, who was born 29 July 1817. According to a press release from the Central Bank, on the flip side of the coin is a portrait of Aivazovsky on the background of a fragment of the painting “the Ninth wave”. The circulation coin will be 3 thousand pieces.

In addition, the Bank of Russia is releasing three commemorative coins. In particular, the coin with the image of the bridge of the “Queen Louise” in the city of Sovetsk of the Kaliningrad region with denomination of 3 rubles series “architectural Monuments of Russia” will come with a circulation of 3 thousand pieces, the coin is “Chersonese” with a picture of the namesake of the Museum-reserve denomination of 25 rubles will be issued with a circulation of 1 million units, and the coin “Vincenzo Brenna” denomination of 25 rubles, which will be displayed with the same name architect will come with a circulation of 1 thousand pieces.

Earlier it was reported that the Bank of Russia on 4 July will be released into circulation commemorative coins dedicated to carrying out in Russia of world football Championship 2018.