MegaFon has allocated tower “daughter” into a separate company

Moscow. July 5. INTERFAX.RU – the Federal tax service (FNS) on July 3, has registered the tower “daughter” of “MegaFon”, JSC “the First tower company”, is spoken in materials of the operator.

Earlier in the company explained that the making of an entry in EGRUL final stage of the legal establishment of the company. Then the operator will complete a placement of shares forming the authorized capital of PBC, and will apply for registration in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation the report on results of their release.

The shareholders of MegaFon approved the allocation of the tower “daughter” at an extraordinary meeting in September last year. CEO of PBC was appointed Director of “MegaFon” to work with operators Alexander Teremetsky.

The operating Director “the Megaphone” Anna Serebryakova previously reported that MegaFon plans by the summer of 2017 to complete the transfer of its tower infrastructure PBK. According to her, 2018 NBC will begin independent work, including the construction of antenna-mast structures, and 2019 “MegaFon” is ready to consider proposals on the sale of tower “daughter”.

In the period up to 2019, “the Megaphone” intend to create a PBC within a strong commercial team to make the company an independent player in the market, “full service company”.

As reported in the tower “daughter” “the Megaphone” is going to give more than 15 thousand of its own cell towers and associated land plots, signal lights, support equipment and other infrastructure assets.

In the current year “the Megaphone” plans to conclude c PBC leases and use of facilities and communication facilities and other property to provide telecommunications services to third parties was previously reported by the company.

Strategy for PBC involves three potential stages. The first is the allocation of the towers into a separate company, where 100% will belong to MegaFon, the second – the potential consolidation of infrastructure operators in PBK, the third – sale of tower company to the investor.

PBK was founded by MegaFon in November 2015 to cut costs on maintenance and service rigs, as well as improve management efficiency of tower infrastructure.