Issued by Latvia United States Russian citizen imprisoned in us prison

WASHINGTON, July 5. /Offset. TASS Andrey Shitov/. A citizen of Russia Yuri Martyshev issued by the authorities of Latvia of the United States, is now in an American prison in Alexandria (Virginia). This was reported on Wednesday to the correspondent of TASS in the Russian Embassy in the United States.

According to preliminary data, Russians suspected fraud, theft of personal information of card holders.

The Embassy noted that “considering the arrest as yet another case of kidnapping of a Russian citizen by the us authorities in breach of a bilateral agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters”. “We demand unconditional compliance with his [Russian] the legitimate rights and interests”, – said at the Embassy.

The officials stated that Martyshev is “consular assistance and other assistance”. In particular, he already held a telephone conversation, and in the near future and his visit in the detention center. In addition, Embassy officials are in contact with the relatives of the Russian.

Martyshev was brought to the United States last week.