The cold and rain increased the number of orders of food to the house dozens of times

Cold weather and constant rain have changed the consumer preferences of inhabitants of Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to the service “Yandex.Kassa” and “Yandex.Market.”

“In General, rainy June days Muscovites and Petersburgers prefer to sit at home or at the cottage. This confirms the increasing interest of users to food delivery services and various Internet-shops”, — stated in the message “Yandex” (have RBC) .

In Moscow in June 2017 orders for food delivery services, paid through “Yandex.Cash”, was made seven times more than in June the previous year. In St. Petersburg the number of orders jumped 18 times, and the average check amount was almost three times higher than in Moscow — 2920 vs 1000 RUB.

“In cafés and restaurants the number of orders food home delivery has grown even more — by 25 times. Here the average bill of 1200 rubles.”, — underlined in the report “Yandex”.

For food for their Pets Muscovites and Petersburgers during the rain, too, began to go less often. In Moscow the number of orders of feed in the online stores rose in June, five times, and in St. Petersburg three times.

Remained at home, Muscovites and Petersburgers are less likely to buy what you need for camping. The demand for bicycles and roller skates on “Yandex.Market” fell in June by 20% on skateboards — 39%, and sunglasses — just 40%. Much less have to buy as swimwear (minus 27%) and bottoms (minus 41%).

The approach to arranging cosiness in the house have also changed. The demand for air conditioning, according to “Yandex.Market”, in Moscow in June fell by 74%, in Petersburg — on 58%. But the June cold by one third (compared to the previous year) have increased the demand for heaters.

“Just over a month, many of the goods due to the vagaries of the weather turned out to be the center of attention. For example, the end of may to end of June, the demand for boots increased by 81%, and umbrellas — 15% on mens trench coats — almost twice”, — said in “Yandex”.

On 6 July, the Ministry of economic development reported that the cold caused the increase of unemployment, the level of which in may (adjusted for seasonality) rose from 5.2 to 5.4%. The cause of the deterioration of the situation in the Department called a marked slowdown of seasonal employment in agriculture and hotel and restaurant business.

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“Cold summer is always a negative impact on the restaurants summer terrace can generate up to 70% of sales,” said RBC author of Dariani, brand Director of the chain of café-bakeries “Bread.”

Managing Director of Delivery Club Andrey Lukashevich told RBC that the number of orders of food services of the company in may increased two and a half times compared to the same period in 2016. The company has registered more than 840 thousand orders. “This was influenced by many factors, and abnormally low temperature in Moscow and other cities including. Like many online services, we see the effect of temperature on the orders — cold always leads to growth. For example, we noticed that the rains lead to a significant increase in deliveries of food. Our analysts analyzed the connection between rainfall and the orders and found a significant correlation. So, some rainy days, the growth reached 19% in comparison with ordinary working days,” he explained.

In mid-June, respondents RBK retailers complained of the decline in sales of ice cream and soft drinks, as well as air conditioners and fans.