The G20 leaders had to take into account in the final communiqué of the special position of the United States

The two-day talks between the leaders of the twenty largest economies in the world concluded with the adoption of the final statement. It first had a separate paragraph to highlight the special position of one of the participants. The US, after President Donald trump has announced the release of his country from the Paris climate agreement, could not support the proposed wording on the commitment of all countries to its implementation.

As a result, the text of the document says that the other members “take note of the US decision on withdrawal from the Paris agreement”. The United States reaffirms its commitment to reducing emissions while maintaining economic growth. The leaders of the other 19 States “claim that the Paris agreement is not subject to revision”, the document says.

Another compromise leaders had to do in part of the document on free trade, according to sources, the German news Agency DPA. The work continued throughout Friday. The statement said that the leaders “will continue to fight protectionism,” but also recognize “the legitimate role of the protective tools of the trade”.

Discussion about the development of world trade turned on the first working session of the Summit on Friday. The President of the United States Donald trump spoke about the need to ensure fair treatment in commercial matters. Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated applied by some countries, in particular USA, various discriminatory measures. On the need to reduce trade barriers, said the Chinese President, XI Jinping.

Drew the attention of the leaders to the problem of overproduction of steel. In this issue of complaints mainly addressed to China, the negotiations which it conducts including the European Union. In June, the President of the European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker talked about the fact that the EC managed to bring together positions with China, which accuses the EU of violating WTO rules. In the communiqué of the Summit participants called upon the Global forum on excess capacity in the steel industry to fulfil the commitments to strengthen information sharing and to develop solutions that will reduce the redundancy of capacity in the production of steel. In November 2017, the leaders expect to get results.

On Friday, July 7, the leaders also adopted a statement on terrorism. In 23 paragraphs of the statement, participants pledged to pay attention and to take measures to combat terrorists trying to return to the countries of “twenty” from Syria and Iraq, to facilitate the mutual exchange of information between intelligence agencies. To reduce the terrorist threat, participants at the summit also agreed to make “the international financial system is completely hostile to the financing of terrorism” in any country of the world there should be no “safe zones” for terrorist financing, said in a statement.