Putin: the issues at the G20 summit are extremely important and have practical reflection

Putin: the issues at the G20 summit are extremely important and have practical reflection

HAMBURG, July 8. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers it extremely important and practical reflection of the issues addressed at the G20. He stated this at a press conference following the summit.

“Twenty” is primarily an economic forum, although many questions of a political nature occurs and interconnected, but still main theme is the development of the world economy, and that this was a focus of attention, he said. We agreed on the definition of sustainability principles of economy, and it is extremely important for it to work according to common standards”.

The head of state said that touched on the subject of money laundering, as well as everything connected with tax havens and taxation. According to the President, “this thing is extremely important and has practical value.” Among the most important topics Putin said the fight against terror and the tracking of cash flows in connection with the prevention of the financing of terrorism.

According to him, not less attention deserves the issue of climate change. “The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, I think, managed to achieve the best compromise in a difficult situation in which the President appeared, and it is in connection with the us withdrawal from the Paris agreement, the President said. – An agreement was reached, a compromise, when all countries have documented that the United States from this agreement came out, but ready to continue cooperation in certain areas and with certain countries on addressing climate change.” The head of state has offered to record this moment in the asset summit.

Putin also cited several examples of topics that, in his opinion, are most important. In particular, he noted the digital economy, where Russia has proposed to establish common rules in this sphere, marking what is cyber security and developing a whole system of rules of conduct in this area. The Russian leader also noted that the G20 acknowledged the need to be ready for the release of manpower to deal with the retraining of personnel, which required the new rules, how to work with trade unions. “This is somehow related to women’s rights, girls’ education, is what is said on many forums, but today it is discussed in relation to the digital economy”, – said Putin.

The President also noted that the G20 leaders agreed a joint statement on terrorism without any fundamental contradictions. “Honestly, I don’t know about these problems”, – Putin said, answering the question TASS. “Principled objections, no one was,” added the President. “Maybe a question of some wording, but to me nothing about it (the controversy) is unknown,” he added. “You know that the text has been agreed. At least at the level of heads of delegations any difficulties or frictions have emerged,” – said the President.

In addition, Putin said that Russia summit did not raise the issue of the situation around Qatar. “As for Qatar, this problem was not discussed, – Putin said, answering the question TASS. She, of course, sharp enough, can affect certain processes in the economy, energy and security in the region. But I have no one this question at the summit did not discuss”.

A month ago, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism and interference in their internal Affairs. In Doha accusations are called unfounded. This was followed by economic sanctions and the transport blockade of the Emirate.

Later, four countries have identified 13 requirements for exit from the crisis, and delivered them to Qatar, under the mediation of Kuwait. For the implementation of the list, Qatar was given 10 days at the request of Kuwait, the deadline was extended for two days. On Wednesday, the deadline of the ultimatum expired, and transferred with the mediation of Kuwait, the response of Doha has disappointed of the Quartet. July 5, boycotted the Qatar country decided to continue to exert political and economic pressure on Qatar until it changes its policy.

In summary, the Russian President noted that the summit was “useful” and “will play a role in stabilizing the world economy as a whole.”