Former top managers “Bashneft” left the owner of Antipinsky oil refinery

A team of former top managers “Bashneft” headed by its first Vice-President Michael Stawski, which only in the beginning of the year came in the “New thread” (which owns the largest independent refinery in Russia), Dmitry Mazurov to develop business in the field of mining, left the company. About RBC told three friends of top managers and confirmed the representative of the “New thread” and he stawski.

Stawski was forced to leave the “New channel” “due to the negative image effect of the decision of the city of Ufa, declared illegal the payment of additional annual compensation to employees of Bashneft, says a company representative. In mid-June, the Leninsky district court of Ufa granted the claim of Prosecutor’s office of Bashkiria and invalidated two documents of “Bashneft” on the compensation of top managers of the company, because of this, nearly 300 employees of the oil company lost compensation by about 2.7 billion rubles.

But stawski, who left “Bashneft” in October 2016, immediately after the transition of the company under the control of “Rosneft”, and in January 2017 he headed an oil company in the group “New thread”, denies the official reason for his resignation. “This issue (the decision of the court of Ufa. — RBC) are generally not discussed, and this “image effect” does not affect the work of the team”, — he said RBC. With Stawski leave the group several former top managers “Bashneft”, in particular the head of Department of oil and gas Vladimir Iliasov, Director of capital construction of objects of oil and gas, logistics and logistics Dmitry Ryabchenko, Director for oil and gas Sergey Zdolnik, the message “New thread”.

The plant in Tyumen

The main asset of the group “New thread” — Antipinsky oil refinery, the largest independent oil refinery, located in the industrial area of Tyumen (in 2016 processed about 8 million tons of oil). Its main shareholder is the businessman Dmitry Mazurov (80%), 20% in classmate of President Vladimir Putin and well-known lawyer Nikolai Yegorov. Have Mazurova there is another influential partner — a friend of the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Kalashnikov. He chairs the Board of Directors “New thread”, responsible for relations with state authorities, and has an option on 25% of the group, told RBC Mazur in the spring of 2016. The revenue of the companies within the group “New thread”, the company in 2016 is expected to reach $5 billion, reported the press service of the company in January 2017.

Executives from Bashneft were to develop the business “New thread” in the field of mining, which would allow the group to be vertically integrated — until recently, she owned only assets in the processing (refinery Antipinsky oil refinery and Mari). In 2015, the “New thread” won licenses for three oil fields in the Orenburg region: Mogutovskiy, part Vorontsov and part Gremyachevskoe, but production on them has not started yet. The reserves of these three areas was estimated at over 40 million tons (for S1), they had to be put into operation in 2018. When the designed capacity of production was to reach 4 million tons of oil a year, wrote “Interfax”.

Former Vice-President of “Bashneft” – RBC: “it’s Interesting to do everything from scratch”


“All that the team had planned to do this year, it’s done. Was filmed geological uncertainty, tested wells and developed a design infrastructure,” said RBC stawski. The reasons for the resignation, he did not call, noting that “went off to deal with family and health”.

According to acquaintances of the two top managers “Bashneft”, they left “New thread” due to the lack of shareholders money for the project in the field of mining. Team stawski estimated capital costs for the development of these three fields 32.6 billion rubles for 20 years, and operating in 41 billion rubles, said one of the interlocutors. Indeed, investment in mining business had to be more than 32 billion roubles, confirms another source. But the company “there is a problem with investing,” he adds. The representative of the “New thread” is not commented.

Such a significant investment could be required due to the fact that all three deposits are located within the national Park “Buzuluksky Bor”, the wells in areas were drilled in the 1950-1970-ies, but mothballed due to oil spills, says another interlocutor of RBC familiar with the former top managers “Bashneft”. This abandoned wells with cut-off valves, which are still oozing oil, he explained.

The representative of the “New thread” says the new President of the mining division of the company appointed Alexander Belov, which in 2015 held the post of chief engineer, and before that managed to earn in several major oil companies. He will continue work on the implementation of the project, in particular, will focus on the completion of percussively and preliquidation old Soviet emergency wells in the fields, said the interlocutor of RBC.