Peskov told about the origin of the Crimean turbines for power plants

As told to journalists, the “Crimea installed turbines produced in Russia, assembled from Russian components”. Thus he answered the question about the Reuters report that Russia has delivered in Crimea gas turbines for power plants made by Siemens. In accordance with the EU sanctions European companies can not put energy technologies on the Russian Peninsula.

Three people involved in the construction of power plants and a friend of one of the participants confirmed RBC that in the Crimea was supplied to the gas turbine.

Later Siemens announced that it was investigating the involvement in the startup of turbines in the Crimea company “Interavtomatika”, 45,7% of the shares belong to German concern. They promised to create a working group and, if necessary, to take all necessary measures to stop sanctions prohibited activities.

In the state Corporation “rostec” RBC said that really bought four sets of gas turbines for power facilities in the Crimea on the secondary market. After that, they were modernized Russian factories and engineering companies.

The report said that initially the company planned to buy turbines from the Iranian company MAPNA. “Ultimately, however, the parties have not reached mutual understanding on a number of technical and commercial issues, and the contract has not been signed”, — stated in the message of “Rostec”.

The interlocutors RBC was told that in the Crimea of the turbine was done at the factory SP German company and Power machines in St. Petersburg. Thus, according to interlocutors, their partially reworked in the factories “Rostec”. “The degree of modernization is so great that products can no longer carry the name of the manufacturer, it’s a different product,” — said one of interlocutors of RBC.

In the turbine cannot be replaced by a large number of parts, it will still be the turbine of Siemens, said a person close to the “Technopromexport”. That major upgrade did say in order not to expose Siemens, RBC said another participant in the project.

In turn, the Ministry of economy of Germany said on Monday that, according to them, the Siemens supplied turbines to the Crimea and adheres to the sanctions regime.