Program of infrastructure mortgages will present in autumn

Program of infrastructure mortgages will present in autumn

YEKATERINBURG, July 10. /TASS/. The mortgage program of infrastructure aimed at attracting private investors in infrastructure projects in Russia, will be presented in the fall. This was stated by the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin, speaking at the forum “Innoprom”.

“We are now developing plan of the government on infrastructure development with the involvement of private financial investors. Indeed, the programme in Saint-Petersburg was announced by the President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, we will be presented this autumn,” he said.

The Minister stressed that the state of infrastructure in Russia remains inadequate overall. In addition … sure that infrastructure problems could become a constraint on economic growth in the future.

He noted that most infrastructure projects now financed from the Federal budget. It is necessary to increase the number of projects without increasing the budget deficit. “The trend of forced reduction of the deficit associated with the deterioration of the external situation led to the fact that the state had, first, to narrow the volume of infrastructure expenditure and, as a result, to focus on priority infrastructure projects. While the overall quality of infrastructure in many areas remains unsatisfactory” – said Oreshkin.

The current system of financing infrastructure projects through public funding leads to higher construction and disrupt the timing, the Minister added. Thus, regional authorities have no motivation to attract private investment, he said. To overcome all these problems contribute to the program “infrastructure mortgage”, concluded Oreshkin.