The Central Bank introduced a temporary administration in the Bank “Ugra”

As stated in the message controller, the order of the Bank of Russia to the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) is entrusted with the functions of the provisional administration to manage the Bank “Ugra”. In addition, a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors “Yugra”.

The Bank of Russia reported that the functions of the temporary administration in the “Yugra” at DIA assigned to six months. The powers of management and shareholders related to participation in the share capital, suspended.

The moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ‘ claims of “Ugra” was introduced for three months in accordance with article of the Federal law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)”.

The message of the regulator it is specified that the moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors of the Bank is insured. Payments to depositors of PJSC “Bank “Ugra”, including individual entrepreneurs, to start no later than 14 days from the date of the moratorium. The order of payment of insurance compensation will be determined by ASV.

As of June 1, “Yugra” took 30 th place by volume of assets in accordance with the rating on the website “”. In terms of deposits the Bank has occupied 15-e a place with the total amount of deposits 181,3 billion.

According to the ranking “Interfax-100” “Yugra” in the first quarter occupied 12-e a place on volume of means of citizens (170 billion rubles).

Director of group Finance ACRES Alexander Proklov comments RBC has called the entry of the interim administration in the “Yugra” “a landmark event that demonstrates the continuation of the policy of the Central Bank’s crackdown”. “It’s not even a tightening of policy, as rumors about problems in the “Yugra” went very long,” he added.

According to Proklova, the DIA will now receive an additional load. “But I believe that the DIA will cope with it, because there is support,” said Komarov.

May 29, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that the Central Bank has demanded from Bank “Ugra” to create financial reserves in the amount of RUB 40 bn, which was almost equal to the entire capital of the Bank. The source said that the regulator imposed on the Bank restrictions on transactions with the assets placement of funds attracted by the Bank, securities, and issuing loans to legal entities.

On the same day the head of the Bank Alexey Nefedov reported that the shareholders of “Ugra” in a short time decapitalized worth about $500 million, “According to the new strategy, it is planned “to build up” assets by 30% and to “increase their profitability”, — he stressed.

On 6 June, the Bank “Ugra” has reported that 20 billion it provided the company Radamant Financial.

In accordance with the documents of the Bank of Russia, 52.4% in the “Yugra” belong Radamant Financial, the ultimate owners of which are Alexei Khotin, Yuri Gusev and Alexey Nefedov.