“Fairly effective” object: “Rosneft” has received Elginskoe field

“Fairly effective” object: “Rosneft” has received Elginskoe field

MOSCOW, July 12. /Offset. TASS Irina Mandrykina/. Elginskoe oil field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district is one of the last major oil deposits in the undistributed Fund, became the owner. The results of the Wednesday auction the right to develop Elginskogo received “Rosneft” and a one-time payment in the course of trading increased from the starting 7.4 billion to 20,07 billion.

“This is a large facility on land located on the territory close to the infrastructure, points of sale of hydrocarbons. The results of the auction, which was held today, reflect that the area has great potential for the development, production and economic results of the work of subsoil users in the area”, – commented on the auction results the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy.

Different parts of the Priobskoye field, which includes Aginskoe, are already developing “Rosneft” and “Gazprom Neft”. In particular, Urginsky the site is bordered by Ob (“RN-Yuganskneftegaz”) and West Elginskom (“Kondaneft”) deposits of “Rosneft”, which already have a developed infrastructure.

“Argunskii area will become an integral part of one of the most promising mining clusters in the Russian oil industry, which is based on the “RN-Yuganskneftegaz” – has informed “Rosneft”. According to the company, “integrated approach to the development of Kondinskiy group of fields and Elginskogo of the site will provide high synergy and accelerated development of the resource potential of the deposits, taking into account infrastructure”.

The main competitor

In total, the auction was done in 17 steps by 10% from the established initial payment 7.4 billion. The main competitor of “Rosneft” in the struggle became Saratov “Energeo”.

“The main struggle was between the “Rosneft” expected, “Energeo” – there was intrigue. On the one hand, this company is not very famous, but I knew that if she was allowed to participate in the auction, it will fight to the end,” the Minister said.

However, Donskoy has gone from a direct answer to the question why “Energeo” with no capacity for refining oil in the region, was nevertheless admitted to trading, and referred to excessive precaution against subsequent claims and accusations of restriction of competition. “That is not allowed – why? Now made – why? My colleagues said – let’s all allow the claim then was that we have someone there to not allow”, – explained the Minister.

About the company is little known. According to base “Spark”, “Energeo” is registered in the Saratov region and specializiruetsya on the management of financial-industrial groups. The company’s CEO is Alexey Prozorov. On the question of in whose interests applied by the company, the head of the Ministry was limited to the comment: “at least they’re young”.

A lot of investment is not required

According to the head of the Ministry, a preliminary amount of capital expenditure required for the preparation of field development will amount to about $500 million (30 billion roubles) for two years. “The level of production at the fields of this level can be up to 4-5 million tonnes annually, and these indicators Elginskom field can be expected 5 years after commissioning”, – said the Minister.

He confirmed that the preliminary estimate of the conditional prices of tons of reserves, based on forecast of resources and final price for the whole plot, will be correct. In this case, for the conventional ton reserves of “Rosneft” will pay about 195 million rubles.

To the question, was not whether the plot of “Rosneft” too cheap, don said he doesn’t think so: “not True. Must be regarded not from the point of view of what you purchased at the auction and stopped. Later there is a clarification of the reserves, plus the field is located near existing infrastructure – this will affect the final project output. We understand that they (Rosneft) in any case it will be a very efficient facility.”

Interest did not meet expectations

Earlier don had repeatedly stated that the Ministry of environment expects high competition for the field. Indeed, the interest shown by almost all Russian oil companies. In particular, after the first announcement of the auction in March this year, Rosneft, Gazprom Neft” and “LUKOIL” have officially confirmed their intentions to bid. Previously mine was interested in “Surgutneftegaz”, “NOVATEK” and “Independent oil and gas company”.

Last year the consortium of the Russian direct investment Fund and the Arab Fund Mubadala lobbied for a change in the conditions of the auction, offering to pay spetsusloviya to attract minority partner, which eventually was to become the Arab Fund. To hold the amendment failed, and as a new interested party on the field has been declared West Siberian investment consortium – expanded part of the previous coalition, which was joined by “Gazprom oil” and Gazprombank. However, this year a consortium of their intention to participate in the auction is not confirmed.

Don, answering the journalists ‘ questions, said that the potential participants appear closer to the deadline for receipt of applications, but doubt there will be many, not expressed.

Accepting applications took place prior to 16 June, in fact gathering it was announced that they had filed only four contenders – “Rosneft” and its affiliated company “RN-uvatneftegaz”, “Gazpromneft – Khantos” and “Energeo”. The Agency has admitted the application of all four applicants relevant to the stated requirements, and all admitted to trading.

“All’s well understood that the figure will be high that the fight will be serious. So many people simply thought, “Yeah, great, tasty, but the teeth can break off,” commented the Minister of natural resources the question of why the applicants ended up not so much.

Earlier, the head “Surgutneftegaz” Vladimir Bogdanov said that the company did not participate in the auction due to its low profitability and efficiency for the company, and according to the head of “LUKOIL” Vagit Alekperov, the company refused to participate, considering it is economically inefficient.

On the field

Elginskoe oil field was discovered in 1995. Recoverable oil reserves registered on the state balance of reserves amount to 18,842 million tons for C1 category and 83,877 million tons of C2 category.

Mine tried to auction the last few years, but every time I found a reason for another postponement of the auction. In the end, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree according to which to play, the field had until the end of 2016. However, a year has passed, and the auction has not been announced.

In March this year, the Agency still announced bidding, and not waiting for new government regulation with the revised terms and the size of the initial payment. In April, the Agency had to cancel the auction, and don and the head of the Committee Yevgeny Kiselev – to explain what happened. While Kiselev was assured that it was “his fault” and technical oversight, and don – that did not happen anything criminal.

In may, the Committee still approved a new decree according to which was appointed the official auction date is July 12, and the starting fee has increased in line with the current price of oil – from 5.35 billion to 7.4 billion.