The head of FAS: deal Uber and “Yandex” creates the risk of limiting competition in the market

MOSCOW, July 13. /TASS/. Business combinations Uber and “Yandex.Taxi” online travel arrangements can carry the risk of limiting competition in the market, told reporters following the meeting of the government Commission on control over foreign investments, the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia Igor Artemyev.

“We only heard today about this, and I three hours ago, I heard about it. Some idea we have that we have three main aggregator, if two of them are going to merge, that is, of course, private market, and the threat of restriction of competition, undoubtedly, is present here,” said Artemyev.

He noted that the Antimonopoly Agency must first conduct a market analysis – “view the number of trips to see price”, and also to a petition from companies.

“That is, if today is Uber and “Yandex.Taxi” I want to connect to, it is their great desire, but the state has a law “On protection of competition”, respectively, through the prism of this law, the transaction must be considered, – said Artemyev. And we are going to do, and they must be ready to submit the petition. Decided to tell a little before that, it is their legitimate right. We’re not particularly experienced – if it is necessary to authorize the transaction, therefore, allowed, the second option is deny, and the third will resolve with the order.”

The decision to combine the businesses of online travel arrangements and the establishment of a new company “Yandex” and Uber announced earlier on July 13.