“System” and “Rosneft” both sides have questioned the competence brought to the dispute experts

Moscow. July 12. INTERFAX.RU – AFK “System” have questioned the competence of experts, which “Rosneft” has prepared a report on the dispute between the companies. The company, in turn, similar claims addresses itself to “the System”.

The claim to “the System” “Rosneft” and its subsidiary “Bashneft” filed in may. The plaintiffs want to recover from ROS damages caused, in their opinion, as a result of reorganization of “Bashneft” in 2014, when the company was in control of the holding Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Amount of claims initially amounted to 106,6 billion rubles., but then was increased to 170,6 billion RUB due to the adjustment for the current exchange rate. Consideration of the claim by the Arbitration court of Bashkortostan appointed on 12 July.

At the hearing on 27 June, the plaintiffs presented the opinion of the specialists of LLC “Financial research and innovation Institute of economic and legal research.” Experts FNII EPI agreed with the position of “Rosneft” considered that the reorganization for Bashneft was not feasible and economically justified, and caused the company losses.

At the meeting on Wednesday, the “System” gave the court “a written explanation regarding the expertise of FNII EPI”. “Carefully read the contents of this opinion, as well as examining the available data on the professional biographies of persons who had prepared it, AFK “System” considers it necessary in addition to the obviously untenable nature given in the conclusion of the experts to draw the court’s attention to the absence in principle of any scientific research competence to address questions put to them”, – said in the explanation of the AFC.

The individuals preparing the conclusion, do not possess the professional qualification on reorganization of legal entities and public placement of securities on foreign stock exchanges, according to “the System”. A significant part of the attracted specialists – graduates of the Financial University under the government for 2013-2015, and one even has a diploma of higher education, being currently a student of this University (according to the report, he is the employee of OOO “FNII EPI”]), writes “the System”. “All the specialists in any case has no experience in solving issues regarding the economic effect of the reorganization and/or public placement of securities of Russian companies on foreign stock markets,” believes the AFC.

Rosneft, in turn, is confident in the competence of the experts who prepared the conclusion.

“According to our information, representatives of AFK “System” asked for a conclusion to the institution, the credibility of which was questioned, and offered a reward, multiples more than the market value of the work of experts. They were denied due to the fact that the specialists of the Institute are already familiar with the case, admitted the reasonableness of the position of the plaintiffs and began to review the documentation upon request of “Bashneft”. Among the experts who worked on the project – Dean of the faculty of risk analysis and economic security Vladimir Avdiyskiy, Vice-rector on scientific work of Anna Bakulina, Professor of the Department of economic theory, Deputy Dean of the faculty of risk analysis and economic security Karolina Popova. All participants of the project – a great experience and work experience in evaluative and expert activities”, – said “Interfax” the representative “Rosneft”.

“System” is, in the end, ordered the research center CEFIR (previously submitted to the court by the defendant – if), which is not presented in the financial examination of any figures and issued a modified audit opinion signed by the expert in the field of philosophy of economy”, – said the representative of “Rosneft”.

Also “System” on Wednesday submitted to the court the findings of associate Professor of School of Finance, faculty of economic Sciences, Higher school of Economics Elena Chirkova (in the past, in particular, worked at Deloitte, he was the Vice-President of the Department of investment and banking services of “Troika dialogue”). E. Chirkov came to the conclusion that “not a single conclusion (the experts “Rosneft” – if) is not justified”, and “Bashneft” “suffered no loss as a result of the reorganization.”

The “system” sure “as of incompetence brought by Rosneft experts, and full insolvency prepared by them in prison,” – said to “Interfax” the representative of AFK Sergey Kopytov.