Treasurer of “Yandex” did not rule out an IPO of the combined company with Uber

Moscow. July 13. INTERFAX.RU – “Yandex” does not exclude IPO combined with the Uber business, said the financial Director of “Yandex” Greg Abovsky in a conference call with analysts on Thursday.

“We do not exclude the possibility of attracting investment in the long run, if deem necessary. Also do not exclude possibility of carrying out IPO of the combined company”/

Thursday July 13, Yandex and Uber announced the creation of the company in which is merged the business of online travel arrangements in Russia and several neighbouring countries. The business is estimated at $3,725 billion under the agreement, Uber and “Yandex” will invest, respectively, $225 million and $100 million in the new company. Control (59,3%) on new business will be “Yandex”, another 36.6% of the Uber, and the remaining 4.1 percent are owned by employees of the two companies.