Erdogan promised to cut the heads off wanting to deprive him of his government “traitors”

“First of all we will cut off the heads of these traitors,” declared Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, referring to the conspirators who last year tried to take his power. He is, as noted by the newspaper The Guardian, made during a speech in Istanbul at a rally marking the anniversary of the military coup in the country.

Erdogan’s words, according to the publication, supported in the audience at the ceremony on the anniversary of the suppression of the rebellion of the supporters of the head of the Turkey. They are, according to The Guardian, in particular, shouted from the crowd that the Republic should be restored the death penalty. Erdogan in response to this, according to the newspaper, promised to sign “any bill” which had been passed by Parliament to restore the death penalty.

“We are a state, which is governed by the rule of law”, — said the politician. “If this bill [for the restoration of Turkey of the death penalty] will come to me after the Parliament, I will sign it”, — said the President.

During his speech, he also took the initiative about that the suspects of involvement in a failed coup in 2016 needs to wear a special uniform, such as the orange jumpsuits used at Guantanamo. It’s Erdogan, he said, had already discussed with the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim.

“When they [the suspects of involvement in the coup attempt] will appear before the court, let’s make them appear in the same costume, as in Guantanamo,” said the Turkish leader.

“We paid the [expensive] price, <…> but there is no price for the independence and the future which we get in return for that sacrifice,” concluded Erdogan, Recalling the death of 249 people during the rebellion, which tried to resist the supporters of the coup. 15 July, as well as noticed the Turkish leader, showed that the strong should not only the state but also the people of Turkey, Anadolu reports.

“Otherwise we will not be able to live one day: so many enemies awaiting death Turkey,” said the President, noting, however, that if he starts “to list of enemies by name, it will cause a major crisis of international scale”.

Earlier, on 15 July, in many cities of Turkey held mass demonstrations and rallies. The shares were dedicated to the first anniversary of the suppression of the attempted coup d’état in the country in 2016. Now that day was the Republic Day of democracy and national unity.

After the suppression of the revolt, Erdogan has introduced a regime of emergency. In may, the politician said that this regime will last as long as Turkey will not come, “prosperity and peace”. The mastermind of the failed coup, the Turkish authorities then called living in USA writer, preacher and social activist Fethullah Gulen.

In the year after the suppression of the coup, Turkey also went through several waves of mass layoffs of government workers. These actions were explained by the desire to clear the machine from supporters of Gulen. So, the last layoffs took place before the anniversary of the attempted mutiny. Then they touched more than 7 thousand policemen, civil servants and teachers. During the year, as estimated by the Purge portal Turkey, lost their jobs, more than 138 thousand people.