Putin: the crisis in Ukraine will last until you run out of patience Ukrainians

GUBKIN /Belgorodskaya oblast’/, July 14. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the crisis in Ukraine will continue until, until you run out the patience of the Ukrainians. This opinion he expressed in communicating with employees Lebedinsky GOK.

One of the metallurgists about how long will the crisis in Ukraine, Putin called rhetorical. “Our people are patient,” he said, noting that this applies to Russian and Ukrainian, which are largely single people. “How long will it last? I do not know. It depends on the people who are there [in Ukraine] are living, how long they will be tolerated,” he said. “I really hope that it will end, and will end this time, God forbid, without bloodshed, in the course of democratic processes”, – Putin said.

Putin stated that the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating: the GDP declined for several years by one third, and income, for example, residents of Kharkiv already less than half the residents of Belgorod.

The head of state noted that he expects the restoration of economic ties between Moscow and Kiev. According to him, Ukraine has suffered more from their breakup. In particular, he said that Ukrainian industry is now do not know where to sell engines for helicopters Mi. Putin has reminded that Russia switched to domestic engines for military vessels instead of Ukrainian. He said that he once decided to postpone the modernization of the Navy before the advent of domestic engines for the Navy. In addition, many employees of Ukrainian companies have moved to live and work in Russia.

“We would like to restore cooperation in General, there all is not lost,” – said Putin, adding that it would benefit both countries.

The President reminded that the trade volume of Ukraine after signing the Association agreement with the European Union fell – as with Russia and the EU. “There is industries [in Ukraine], which effectively would have worked, except agriculture”, – stated Putin. He warned that the industry after appearing in Ukraine, GMOs can fail.