The Ministry of transport expressed the hope to solve the situation with Georgian Airways in a week

The Russian Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov expressed the hope that the situation with the restriction of flights of Georgian airlines Georgian Airways to Moscow will be resolved during the week, writes TASS.

“Resolved [the situation with Georgian Airways] will be positive,” he said. “I hope that in the next week all the issues with our Georgian colleagues will be solved”, — the Minister added, explaining that by this he means that “they [the Georgian authorities] will fulfill those obligations, which are now provided by the air transport agreement, and we therefore also adopt the necessary measures”.

Georgian airline Georgian Airways conducted regular flights to Tbilisi — Moscow — Tbilisi in 2014. However, on the eve of 15 July, the airline officials said that four airline flight to Moscow was abolished by the Russian side.

The Ministry of transport is the same day announced that restrictions on flights of Georgian Airways have been entered as “mirror measures”. In may, as explained then in the Ministry, Georgia has banned the Russian airline “Ural airlines” to carry out four flights from the airport in Zhukovsky near Moscow in Tbilisi. “The Georgian aviation authorities must fulfil their obligations towards the Russian side and give the “Ural airlines” permission for these flights”, — said the Russian Ministry.

However, Georgian Airways, in turn, then noticed that it did not consider the question of harmonization of Tbilisi flight to the airport of Zhukovsky, the main reason for Russia’s cancellation of four flights. The theme of Zhukovsky airport, as explained by the airline officials, in their opinion, is “separate”. Disagreement about it, according to representatives of Georgian Airways have arisen due to the fact that the Georgian side considers this airport in Moscow. In addition, as added by Georgian airlines, negotiations between air carriers of the two countries regarding the airport Zhukovsky was not.