The MPs has refused to ban open coal handling

After two days of discussion with market participants of amendments to legislation that would ban the open handling of coal within the city, it was decided to clarify the wording of the bill, told RBC one of its authors — Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir Panov. He, along with the Chairman of the Committee Olga Timofeeva was in favor of limiting outdoor overload of coal near settlements because of the pollution of the atmosphere with coal dust. It happened after a resident Finds complained of coal dust in the city of President Vladimir Putin during a straight line (Panov argues that the development of the bill began in March).

According to Panov, all the workshop participants, including representatives of the stevedoring companies themselves in the discussions recognized the problem of uncontrolled release of coal dust during handling of coal by open method, particularly in the ports of Nakhodka and Vanino.

The bill Panov and Timofeeva discussed on Wednesday and Thursday on the Advisory Council of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma. But after hearing all the pros and cons, the deputies decided to clarify the requirements for companies providing handling of coal in ports located in the settlements. Document for the second time sent back for revision. According to Panov, the new version of the bill, the authors point to the need for transshipment and handling of coal in ports to provide measures to reduce the emission of coal dust into the air to the established norms of maximum concentration limit (maximum permissible concentration of polluting substances in atmospheric air), and the requirements for such events shall be set by the government. It is also proposed to establish a transition period during which the stevedoring company will be able to prepare for the implementation of measures necessary to reduce emissions of coal dust. Previously we are talking about a two-year period, adds the MP.

Thus, in the new edition of the bill the issue of banning the outdoor coal handling will not be the words Panov. The previous revision caused the discontent of the business, other deputies of the state Duma, the Association of sea commercial ports of Ministry of transport and energy Ministry, wrote “Kommersant”. The Union of transport workers of Russia in the opinion on the original version of the bill indicated that its adoption will lead to the closure of 23 marine terminals, which accounted for 43% of the entire shipment of coal in 2016, the reorientation of coal in ports of Baltic and Ukraine, the inability of supply to countries in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

However, the meeting in the state Duma drew attention to the lack of regulations not only for coal but also for other bulk cargo, said RBC lords. The development of such regulations is engaged in the Ministry of transport. Although many companies have already succeeded in reducing the emission of coal dust through the installation of special equipment, some market participants deliberately do not do that, he said, without specifying details. A source in the large coal companies noted that today, all major stevedoring companies are taking a range of measures to reduce the environmental impact on the environment. The representative of the Ministry of transport refused to comment.

Next week MPs will submit a bill in the new edition to all interested parties. Interviewed by RBC stevedoring and coal companies declined to comment before reviewing the new version of the bill. In the city of Nakhodka, located port terminals, Evraz NMTP (owned by Lanebrook Limited of Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov, Alexander Frolov and Shvidler), “Terminal Astafiev” and “Attis-enterprise”. Representatives of NCSP Evraz and Mechel, one of the largest coal importers in Asia, declined to comment, in the “Terminal Astafiev” and “Attis-enterprise” did not respond to requests to RBC.

The problem of air pollution from coal dust in the port cities has gained poignancy after the resident Finds Andrew Pain June 15, complained in a straight line President Vladimir Putin. Protests against the shipment of coal by open method this year was held in Nakhodka, Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan. June 19, near the major coal terminals of the port of Nakhodka has installed sensors to monitor coal dust. Until mid-July to install them in the port area.

The owners of one of the stevedores in the port of Nakhodka, Evraz NMTP intend to continue to invest in dust-proof technology. In 2017-2020 about 3.5 billion rubles will be spent on construction of sewage treatment plants, the installation of additional pulverizing screens and car dumper, a spokesman for the port.