FAS has demanded from “big four” mobile operators to change the cost of services in the travel

FAS has demanded from “big four” mobile operators to change the cost of services in the travel

MOSCOW, July 17. /TASS/. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia has issued a warning to “the big four” mobile operators (Beeline, MTS, MegaFon, Tele2), national roaming, is required to change the tariffs within 14 days. This is stated in the message Department.

“According to the warning, the four mobile operators have to change the rates for services in travel, eliminating the unjustified price difference. The Telecom operators have to change the conditions of tariff plans within 14 days of receipt of the warning and also to inform the subscribers about such changes in the manner prescribed by law, i.e. 10 days prior to the introduction of new conditions”, – explained in the message.

The Agency has identified a violation of the law on protection of competition, which resulted in the establishment and maintenance of different tariffs for cellular services in the home region and travel to Russia. FAS found that the more expensive tariff plan of the subscriber, the less a subscriber for the difference in tariffs for mobile services and home visits.

“After the analysis of price offers and conditions of the technical organization of rendering of communication services, the FAS Russia established that these actions are neither economically nor technologically justified,” – said the FAS.

MTS and “Vympelcom”, Tele2, declined to comment. In “the Megaphone” has not yet responded to a request TASS.

Earlier head FAS Igor Artemyev in an interview with TASS said that the Agency will achieve the abolition of national roaming in Russia. Now Russia has a national and on-net roaming, and a separate roaming in the Crimea. Intranet roaming is valid within one network on the territory of the whole country and different regions. National roaming is valid when the network provider is not in any region.