In Catalonia will shorten the lunch break and the total duration of the working day

Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU – Dozens of companies, trade unions, educational and public organizations of Catalonia on Monday adopted a package of reforms, which should bring the working day in the region in line with European norms, according to Spanish media.

Working day in Spain usually begins around 9 am, after a couple of hours, you can take a break for coffee or lunch, and then the Spaniards till 14:00, after leaving on a two – or three-hour Siesta. Because of these breaks in the working day often ends after 20:00. Such graphics Spanish work nearly 300 hours per year more than the Germans, and sleep an hour less than other Europeans. They later have dinner and constantly complain about the lack of time for yourself and family.

In addition, the last decade Spain is living in the wrong time zone: prior to 1942, the time in Madrid coincided with the Lisbon and London, but then General Franco moved the hands forward an hour in solidarity with Nazi Germany. Experts say that the discrepancy time zone daylight adversely affects the health and life expectancy.

According to the Director of the International center of work and family Nuria Spain Chinchilli, the existing organization of the working day leads to the fact that Spaniards sleep less than other Europeans, because of this, worse concentrating at work, become less productive, and they can sometimes be more accidents.

The government of Catalonia plans to substantially change the situation for 2025 is to increase the flexibility of the work schedule and productivity. Similar initiatives are being discussed in Spain and at the national level. In December last year the Minister of labour Fatima Banes announced plans to move the end of the day across the country at 18:00.