In Spain in the case of poor Konin arrested 65 people

Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU – Spanish police and Europol (police service of the European Union) stopped activity of criminal group, which supplied the markets of Europe unfit for human consumption horse meat. While most criminals were given horse meat for beef.

According to the report of Europol, the operation was conducted together with the authorities of Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania, France and Switzerland.

In total, the police arrested 66 criminals, including 65 people in Spain. The main suspect, a Dutch citizen, was arrested in Belgium. All of them charged with crimes such as cruelty to animals, forgery, money laundering, and violations of various sanitary-hygienic norms.

The scandal broke in 2013 in Ireland, when the analysis of the products, labelled as beef, demonstrated the content up to 100% horse meat. The investigation led police to firms in Spain and Portugal, who scored the old horses in Spain and Portugal and sent the to eating horse meat on forged documents major exporter of meat in Belgium.

The European Commission in 2014, undertook to introduce a centralized system of identification of horses.