Putin: Russian authorities will not allow the manufacturers and sellers of gasoline to raise the price

GUBKIN (Belgorod oblast). July 14. /TASS/. The Russian authorities do not allow manufacturers and sellers of gasoline to raise the price, but would not artificially underestimate, as it is harmful for the economy, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In any case we can not allow manufacturers, vendors and middlemen to raise the price, and it’s quite obvious, they must be economically justified,” – he said at a meeting with employees of Lebedinsky mining and processing plant.

“But to artificially reduce their too impractical and even harmful in the end for the economy as a whole”, – said the President.

However, for individual consumers of the Russian power in certain seasons try to keep them at a lower level. As an example, he cited farmers during the harvest and sowing campaigns. “The government is developing a range of support mechanisms, agreements with producers, brokers and sellers. In General, we are able to do. So gradually we meet the needs of consumers as well as producers ‘interests”, – said Putin.

So the head of state answered the question of why, despite the fact that Russia is one of the leading oil producing countries, the decline in oil prices in the world, gasoline prices in Russia are growing.

Putin explained that this situation was due to many factors, including external market conditions for this type of fuel. “If we have a free market, we basically can’t keep their prices differently than in the neighboring countries, otherwise we just need to create a new “iron curtain” – he explained.

He noted that in Russia, gasoline prices and so lower than in a number of States, which leads to the fact that the fuel is exported abroad. “So if we don’t want to have dragged, it is necessary and within the country to keep a certain level,” he said.

Putin stressed that this problem should be solved not by artificial lowering energy prices and improving the welfare of people and their level of salaries. “In some countries, the gas producers, for example, hold very low gas prices. But it completely inverted the economy. They have long been understood to act differently, but I can’t do this step, to the alignment of the economy, because this comes from a chain of consequences, including of a social nature”, – said the President.