The Russian stock market turned lower amid loss oil positive momentum

Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU – the Russian stock Market this morning has updated the maximum for the MICEX index almost 2 months on the background of the growth indices in Asia, statistics from China, after that day started a downside correction for the background loss oil positive momentum and growing sales in Europe.

By 13:35 GMT, the MICEX index amounted to 1950,46 paragraph (-0,5%, max days – 1972,49 item peak on may 19), the RTS index – 1037,49 paragraph (-0,7%); ruble prices of most of the major “chips” on “Moscow stock exchange” decreased 2.6 percent.

The dollar is worth 59,24 ruble (+0.15 per ruble).

The leaders of the rollback are ruble-denominated shares of “Aeroflot” (-2,6%), Bashneft (-1,7%), LUKOIL (-1.5 per cent), “Rosneft” (-1,2%), Russian grids (-2,6%), Sistema (-2%), “FGC UES” (-1,5%).

AFK “System” on Monday morning announced the occurrence of a technical default on credit obligations for the sum of about 3.9 billion rubles in connection with the arrest of shares of the Corporation in the trial with “Rosneft” and “Bashneft”.

As the company stresses that the failure to comply with certain conditions for a number of credit obligations, which creates the basis for a technical default caused solely by the decision of the court about the arrest of the above assets and is of a purely formal character.

Increased shares of VTB (+0.1 percent), “Masuri” (+0,3%), “Norilsk Nickel” (+0,2%), “Rostelecom” (+1,7%), RUSAL (+4.1%) And “RusGidro” (+0,7%).