Trump commented on the record drop in their rankings

U.S. President Donald trump commented on the record decline in confidence, which revealed The joint survey by ABC News and The Washington Post. According to this survey, the rating of the President of the United States fell to a record for over the past 70 years.

“Surveys conducted for the Washington Post and ABC, was perhaps the most inaccurate during the presidential election campaign. Although the result of almost 40% is not so bad for the current situation!” — trump wrote on his Twitter page.

According to the survey, The ABC News and TheWashington Post, the rating of trust to President of the United States fell to a record 36% — so low he wasn’t never in the last 70 years, says the report. While his disapproval of the us leader expressed 58% of respondents, while 48% said that he “categorically”.

According to the survey, the deterioration in the attitude of the Tramp due to the deterioration of the US position in the international arena, this was stated a little less than half of the respondents. Slightly more said they did not agree with this statement.

According to Gallup, in the first day after the inauguration of the presidency, trump has approved approximately 45% of respondents; the same number were against.