Deutsche Welle learned about the arrest in Mosul bombers from Russia

In Mosul detained a group of 20 suicide bombers, among which, in particular, was a citizen of Russia, Turkey, Canada, Germany and Libya, according to the newspaper Deutsche Welle, citing an unnamed Iraqi military officials.

According to him, women hid in the tunnels in the old part of the city, which was built earlier by members of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. There, in particular, as explained by Deutsche Welle, was found weapons and a suicide belt that the detainees, according to the interlocutor of the newspaper, allegedly planned to use in attacks on the Iraqi military.

According to the preliminary information, as noted by the source, all the detainees worked in the “police division” of ISIS. Five of them, as explained by Deutsche Welle, was a German.

In the Russian Embassy in Iraq could not confirm information about the detention in Mosul bombers from Russia. “The Embassy has not received the data,” said RBC’s press attaché Dmitry Petin.

Earlier, on 17 July, Die Welt reported that among those detained by local security forces was 16-the summer girl-the translator from the German of Saxony. It is, according to the newspaper, was listed in Germany missing. The girl, as recalled by the newspaper, disappeared about a year later after allegedly contacted supporters of the “Islamic state” on the Internet.

The authorities of Dresden, according to Die Welt, then said that with respect to the missing minor girl-the translator was under investigation “for participation in the preparation of violent actions against the state.” But it is, according to the newspaper, was suspended due to the lack of a suspect. A German Prosecutor then stated that the investigation would resume as soon as the girl came back to Germany.


Before 9 July, the Iraqi authorities declared the full liberation of Mosul from the terrorists. With the “big win” country and citizens then congratulated the Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi.