Rosatom believes the real build up to 2050 nuclear power plant on 1 thousand GW

Rosatom believes the real build up to 2050 nuclear power plant on 1 thousand GW

ASTANA, July 18. /TASS/. First Deputy General Director of Rosatom state Corporation Kirill Komarov said real build up to 2050 nuclear power plants (NPP) with a capacity of up to 1 thousand Gigawatts. He said this during a panel session on “Carbonless energy” future energy “Astana Expo-2017”.

“We have to determine the place of each source (for power generation – approx. TASS) in the power system of the future. In this work we are doing together with the entire nuclear community in the world, we will formulate goals. We are talking about what is absolutely real before 2050 is to build 1,000 GW of power stations,” he said.

Komarov reminded that nuclear power will make energy “green”, lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and thus make the energy mix sustainable.

At the opening of the exhibition Rosatom “Astana Expo-2017” on Tuesday, Komarov noted that nuclear power technologies can improve the quality of life of not only solving the issues of electricity, but also help the development of medicine and agriculture, Arctic and space exploration.

“Nuclear technology today is not just energy. If you will visit our exhibition, it clearly shows how the nuclear technology is improving people’s quality of life through the application of nuclear technologies in medicine and agriculture, as they are used in desalination and water treatment, as bring space exploration. Hotel our pride is the theme of the Arctic”, – said the first Deputy Director of Rosatom.

Komarov reminded that Russia is the only country that has a fleet of icebreakers based on nuclear energy.

Nuclear power and wind power

According to Komarov, Rosatom does not oppose nuclear power wind power and prepared in parallel to develop these energy sources under favorable investment conditions.

“We are investing in nuclear generation and in the generation of wind. We are not opposed to each other these energy sources. We see this as a synergistic effect when our machine-building enterprises can be loaded with orders not only for the production of equipment for nuclear power plants, but also for the production of wind turbines. And we see the opportunity, if formed favorable investment conditions to invest in nuclear power generation, and microgeneration”, – said Komarov.

He stressed that the development of renewable energy sources in the country, it is important to determine the correct energy balance. As an example he cited Germany, where in January of this year for several days in a row renewable sources of electricity due to adverse weather conditions provided electricity is only 5%.

“The position of scientists is that a normal proportion of renewable sources shall not exceed 40%. Otherwise you’ll have to have a large capacity for redundancy,” – said Komarov.