The structure of “Rostec” will develop a unified database on tours of the Russians

Being a part of “Rostec” concern radio-Electronic technologies (KRET) plans in the framework of MAKS to sign tourism Memorandum of development of the information system “E-ticket”, which tour operators to make information about the reservation and the payment of all rounds of the Russians, learned the newspaper “Kommersant”.

To create an appropriate platform in 2014, commissioned by the Federal government. After this system was developed by Asteros group. In test mode the platform was launched in 2015. In this run, as the edition notes, experts have processed the information about 40 thousand and 50 thousand rounds of vouchers, which were not specified personal details of the travelers.

However, once the system is running in normal mode, each package, according to the website of the Federal tourism Agency, will have a certain number that you can track its status, namely, the reservation, prepayment, payment, execution. Also using “E-vouchers”, as specified on the Agency’s website, you can find out information about flights, hotel and about how the insurance coverage of the tour operator corresponds to the volume of its activities. In this mode, according to “Kommersant”, the new platform to earn from the beginning of 2018.

“E-ticket”, according to the Federal tourism Agency, will increase the transparency of the market, said the newspaper adviser of the head of Department Dmitry Gorin. According to the interlocutor of the edition, with the help of such system you can track the payment status of a voucher and to require refund in the event of default.

“In the information system (is) may be information about 25 million tourists”, — said Gorin, noting that the platform “will process information on the field (11 million people per year) and internal (14 million people per year) rounds”. “The first time participation in the IP will be voluntary during the year may become mandatory for all market participants”, — he added.

According to statistics from the Federal tourism Agency, writes “Kommersant”, 70% of trips is made through tour operators. Currently in the Russian market, according to the Agency, 635 operators of outbound tourism and 3.7 thousand companies providing travel services in Russia.

As told the newspaper close to the Federal Tourism Agency source, while in office, it is discussed that for tour operators and agencies submitting information information system will be free, but in the future for participating in the “Electronic ticket” may be the collection.

In addition to this system, according to “Kommersant”, KRET plans to develop a Federal tourism Agency national tourism portal. Also in the group, according to the newspaper, promised to help build a unified rating system for tourist sites. “Now almost 90% of companies provide military needs, our objective is to increase its interest in the civilian sector”, — explained the Advisor to the first Deputy General Director of “radio-Electronic technologies” Vladimir Mikheev.