The successor of “Oboronservis” the head was replaced

The new head

Having a multibillion-dollar debt of the holding company “Garrison”, successor of “Oboronservis”, the head was replaced. The new head of the holding, which manages companies for utility service of military units, supply of food. sewing and construction, became Larissa Levina from the “Oboronstroy”, told RBC two sources in the defense Ministry and confirmed by Levin herself.

About eight months ago, she resigned as General Director of “Oboronstroy” in “Garrison” as a Director of the holding company. May she — interim position (Vreede) Director of the “Garrison,” according to the interlocutors of RBC. Earlier Vreede Director of “Garrison” was Sergey Ten, which has now become the Deputy Director. But to stay in the “Garrison” of Ten is not going to soon, according to interlocutors RBC, he leaves the defence Ministry and move to a higher position “in a parallel structure in the military-industrial complex”.

On the official website of the Ministry of defence on the appointment of the following does not say anything, it is noted that Vreede Director of “Garrison” is still Sergey Ten. Ten in a conversation with RBC, information about the reshuffle confirmed.

Who is Larissa Levina

In 2016, Larissa Levina took fifth place in the RBC rating of “25 women CEOS of Russian business”. Levin graduated from Moscow state University. Most of his career spent in “Rosenergoatom” and companies and organizations of the power complex. In the Ministry of defence Levin came in 2013 to the position of Director of the company “Oboronstroy”, which is engaged in construction of housing for servicemen.

In may 2016 Levina became the General Director of “Oboronstroy”. Sources of the newspaper “Kommersant” noted that the company from 2013 to 2016 closed advances in front of the defense Ministry worth over 125 billion rubles.

Levin has participated in every major in recent years, the construction of the defense Ministry, told RBC in the press service of “Oboronstroy”. “In particular, she supervised the construction of the first project of the Ministry of defense in Crimea — Sevastopol presidential cadet school. Was responsible for the construction of the Park “Patriot”, — added the company.

The Problem Of “Garrison”

Owned 100% of the Ministry of defense holding “Oboronservis”, later transformed into “Garrison”, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, was registered in 2009 for the management of nine sub-holdings of the military Department. This company “Aviaremont”, “Spetsremont”, “Remoortere”, “Oboronstroy”, “agricultural industry”, “Oboronenergo”, “Voyentorg”, “Slavyanka” and “Red star”, which was originally more than 300 enterprises.

In November 2012, about 20% of all enterprises were declared bankrupt, and the total debt of the companies of the group amounted to 440 billion rubles In the defense Ministry linked the unsatisfactory financial state of “Oboronservis” the former management team in the defense Ministry, headed by Anatoly Serdyukov.

Serdyukov was one of the main figurants of scandal around “Oboronservis”, which ended in the resignation of the Minister in 2012. Law enforcement authorities have initiated against the staff and management of Oboronservis criminal case about frauds at sale of non-core military assets. Damage to the state, according to investigators, amounted to about 3 billion rubles In may 2015, the court sentenced one of the defendants in the criminal case “Oboronservis” — Yevgeny Vasilyev — five years in a General regime colony and a fine for embezzlement of funds of the Ministry and the laundering. That summer, she was sent to juvie, where she was soon out on PAROLE. On a number of episodes Vasiliev was justified, and the total damage is reduced six times. In mid-June, 2017 TFR has officially stated that the investigation against Vasilyeva continues.

In may 2013, on the initiative of the chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky was dismissed the General Director of “Oboronservis” Sergei Khursevich, who held this position since 2009. Khursevich was accused of defrauding the state in the amount of RUB 145 million His place temporarily filled by his Deputy Sergey Stukalin. In November 2013 the acting head of the holding was a former official of the property Department of the government of Moscow Anton Pashnin.

In 2014 on behalf of Sergey Shoigu, Oboronservice has been reformed. The military partially abandon outsourcing, the company “Red star” came under the direct control of the Ministry of defense, and the holding was renamed to “Garrison”. The “Garrison” had eight sub-holdings, control 160 enterprises.

New challenges

By the end of 2015, a net loss of “Garrison” amounted to 6 billion 615 million rubles, follows from the data “SPARK-Interfax”. The debt structures of the holding in mid-2015 was about 340 billion rubles, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”. Now the debt structures “Garrison” is less than 300 billion rubles, said one of the interlocutors of RBC in the Ministry of defence.

Goal Sergei ten, which in may 2016 was replaced at the head of “Garrison” Pogonina was to deliver a holding of non-core assets and reduce consolidated debt.

In General, as noted by the interlocutors of RBC in the Ministry of defence, Ten with these tasks handled. Now is 50 enterprise “Spetsremont” the state Corporation “rostec”, it is part of the structure of the company “Remoortere”. “Repairing” goes into “United aircraft Corporation”, said the sources.

He Ten explained RBC that the tasks of the new interim head “of the Garrison from the economic plane go into corporate.” “Larissa Levina suitable for it all,” said Ten, refused to answer further questions RBC. When the holding company may receive permanent head and Ten, Larina said.

Larissa Levina, in turn, told RBC that will deal with issues of corporate welfare and the elaboration of proposals for further reform “Garrison”. “To submit to the Ministry proposals on how it can be reformed holding is the most important task,” said Levin.