The exhibition of STI in Novgorod presented the innovative developments from across the country

The exhibition of STI in Novgorod presented the innovative developments from across the country

VELIKY NOVGOROD, July 18. /Offset. Julia Generosa TASS/. Innovative developments for the development of energy, medicine, security, Neurotechnology and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), presented at the exhibition “national technology initiative: promising projects to Novgorod region” in Veliky Novgorod. Among them are projects which have been developed in the Novgorod region, said Tuesday TASS adviser to the Governor on information technologies Nikolay Kurmyshev.

“Those in Novgorod 10 projects, which were showcased at the exhibition were selected from 50 of the best projects of the enterprises of the Novgorod region and are planned to be implemented as having a real effect on the economy and social problems which traditional methods was impossible to solve, he said. Is telemedicine, the use of land, use of technology unmanned aerial photography in different industries: architecture and construction, cadastral registration and others.”

The adviser said that private business in the Novgorod region is interested in several directions of the National technology initiative (NTI): AeroNet (the development of UAVs), HealthNet (personal medicine) and some others. According to him, the region is positioning itself as a territory open for the introduction of new digital technologies that really improve the lives of the population.

“We are ready to become a pilot region for any of the areas of STI,” added Kurmyshev, noting that the projects submitted to the scientific and technological communities of the Novgorod state University and small innovative enterprises, JSC “Akron”.

As described in the University laboratory AeroNet, in 2016 the services of the first aerial photography, and software development was used by the employees of Rosreestr in the Novgorod region. “Drone for 45 minutes filmed in the area of 243 hectares, the examination on foot it would have to spend 2 years”, – said the representative of the laboratory.

New technologies in energy

“DTI is a platform, which “pulls” a promising and interesting Russian company and the team. We met in Veliky Novgorod with the company Geoscan and intend to use their drones for the purposes of power: building an optimal topology and simulation” – shared plans with the correspondent. TASS the head of the subgroup “Reliable network” consortium EnergyNet Vladislav Vorotnitsky from Sevastopol.

The Agency presented one of the key products in the areas of energy – “Digital district electric networks”. According to him, an innovative model of energy service developed by the company, allows to increase the efficiency of the worn-out power grid in order to ensure an uninterrupted supply of energy to the final consumer.

“The basis of Russian technology companies that allows the existing grid to integrate “smart elements” to upgrade it without significant investment costs, and successfully compete in global markets”, – he explained.

The first project in this direction is already working in Kaliningrad, the duration of shutdowns of the company “Yantarenergo” have decreased by 80%. As told Vorotnitsky, this project will also be implemented in Sebastopol and on Valdai in the Novgorod region, with plans to implement technologies to improve reliability, to work on minimizing the power losses, increased manageability of the network.

Of neyrotekhnologii and innovation in agriculture

The monitoring system of wakefulness of drivers Sleep Allert, which consists of narekaci and bracelet and is intended to allow the driver to fall asleep at the wheel, also presented in Veliky Novgorod. The project gained notoriety after President Vladimir Putin visited the exhibition “Innoprom” in Yekaterinburg, praised the work of invention and called it “the right thing”.

The Ministry of Neuromatix (Saint Petersburg) Vladimir Statute, the project was created under the direction of “neyrotekhnologii”, has released the first 500 copies of the kit.

“After “Innoprom” discussed questions of supply with companies in the Sverdlovsk region here in Veliky Novgorod, letters came from several other regions. The interest of large logistics passenger company, although initially we focused on the final customer”, – he explained.

In the St Petersburg Agrophysical research Institute since 2005 engaged in the development of the mobile complex of digitization of agricultural landscapes and the construction of electronic maps of the fertility of the fields. Equipment can be attached to a flying drone, any ground transportation or to explore the soil directly in the field, told TASS Director of the Institute Yuri Chesnokov.

“We create big data, a large amount of data, which allows farmers to identify the missing minerals in the ground, soil moisture content, weed infestation weeds” – he said, adding that the application of scientific developments of the Institute has improved the proficiency of grain in 30 farms in the Leningrad region.

The exhibition was visited by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who on July 18 was held in Veliky Novgorod meeting of the Presidium of the Council under RF President on economy modernization and innovative development.

STI is a long-term complex program on creation of conditions to ensure the leadership of Russian companies in the new high-tech markets that will determine the structure of the world economy in the next 15-20 years. A key tool for the implementation of STI defined system road maps. The Presidium of the Council under RF President on economy modernization and innovative development was prepared and approved seven roadmaps in the following areas: AutoNet, AeroNet, MariNet, NeuroNet, EnergyNet, HealthNet, TechNet.