Medvedev: the new assistance program will help mortgage holders to restructure 1.3 thousand of loans

MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. New stage of the program of assistance to mortgage borrowers, which involves the allocation of 2 billion roubles from the reserve Fund, will allow to restructure at least 1,3 thousand of residential mortgage loans. This was announced at a government meeting Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“Today we will allocate from the reserve Fund of 2 billion rubles for the continuation of the programme of assistance to certain categories of mortgage borrowers. Assistance designated for those people who are in a difficult financial situation: this family with children, the disabled, combat veterans. They can use this program to restructure their mortgages. We expect the result to be restructured not less than 1.3 thousand mortgage loans,” he said.

It is expected that 2 billion rubles will be allocated this year, the Ministry of construction of Russia for contribution to the Charter capital of Agency for housing mortgage lending.

Another topic on the agenda of the government to improve the system of evaluation of work of organizations that provide services in the social sector – schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, social welfare institutions, hospitals, and other organizations.

“To evaluate how well they work, have the citizens themselves. Under the bill, which will be discussed today, Federal and regional public chamber will form a special public councils that will be able to arrange an independent assessment of the quality of services. The results of this examination will be posted on the Internet”, – said the Prime Minister.

Such a mechanism, he said, will be a good incentive for the regional authorities, since the assessment will be considered in the performance review of the heads of organizations as well as relevant Ministers and heads of regions.