FNS sued for 3 billion rubles for Browder in the case of the shares of “Gazprom”

MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. Three management FNS across Moscow, it is victims in the criminal case about the unlawful purchase of shares of “Gazprom” the founder of Hermitage Capital William Browder and his business partner Ivan Cherkasov, said the civil suit on 3 billion roubles. TASS said the lawyer Browder Alexander Antipov.

“Victims in the criminal case declared a lawsuit to recover from the defendants compensation in the amount of more than 3 billion rubles”, – he said.

The lawyer said that at present the parties have completed familiarization with the criminal case materials in the near future it will be sent to the attorney General for approval of the indictment. Also the lawyer noted that after studying the materials said to the investigator a number of petitions for termination of the criminal case. “In fact a lot of violations: in the resolution on the appointment of a tax examination States that the examiner issued for learning about 295 volumes, and the protection provided for the familiarization with the case only 59 volumes, a large number of documents are by anyone not certified photocopies that are considered inadmissible evidence,” said Antipov, noting that the UK has not yet responded to these requests.

According to the lawyer, Browder charged with the organization of tax evasion, the organization of deliberate bankruptcy and attempted failure to perform duties of a tax agent, Cherkasov – participation in these crimes. The case was allocated from the total production, which previously Browder was convicted in absentia, along with the Fund lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died later in prison. Antipov said that the final amount of damage against Browder and Cherkasov, is 3.5 billion rubles.

According to investigators, the defendants had not listed the taxes with the activities of several, in the future, deliberately bankrupting them. These actions Browder and Cherkasov are for 1996, victims in the case are three branches of management FNS across Moscow. As expected, the trial against Browder and Cherkasov will be held in absentia as both defendants are in the UK, whose authorities had earlier denied Russia in their extradition.

According to the investigation, Browder illegally acquired the shares of “Gazprom” to bypass the ban on similar operations for foreign companies. Bought shares, he was trying to influence the gas monopoly of Russia. Illegally received a package of shares of “Gazprom”, Browder was sent to the company requirements to amend Charter, the audit Committee, the Board and the Directors and put forward his candidacy to the Board of Directors, and its partner in the audit fee.