German Gref advised lawyers to “forget the profession”

President of Sberbank German Gref believes that modern companies don’t need lawyers without knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and understanding of how modern computer technology. He told about it during a lecture at the Baltic Federal University. Kant, reports the newspaper “New Kaliningrad”.

Gref spoke at the University on Friday, July 21, drew attention to the statement by the head of Sberbank publishing Inc.

German Gref said that Sberbank ceases to hire lawyers, “who do not know what to do with neural network”. After that, he invited the students who attended his lectures, called the known types of neural networks.

“I don’t know, losers! I want to tell you that this is unacceptable. You students yesterday. Fellow lawyers, forget his profession. Last year 450 lawyers, we are preparing lawsuits, gone, has been reduced. We have neural grid prepares statements of claim are better than lawyers prepared by the Baltic Federal University. We work just will not take” — said Gref.

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The trick

The head of the savings Bank also believes that all students who expect to engage in skilled work, must undergo appropriate training. “If you want to think about the future, then you at the University is required to take a Computer science course, no matter how expert you are a lawyer, an economist or a Manager,” he said.

Earlier Gref during the meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects proposed to introduce a program on education blockchain technology “in the key universities.” “It’s probably the only thing we still need. Technology we’ll take, but we need support staff,” said Gref in the beginning of June.

At the beginning of this year, German Gref said that the total number of employees of the savings Bank by the year 2025 could be reduced twice due to the fact that a financial institution is actively translates its services into the digital sphere.

In November 2016, the Bank’s Supervisory Board approved the conversion of a credit institution to a diversified financial “ecosystem,” which plans to go far beyond banking services and involves a significant automation companies. The Bank intends to transfer part of the banking services online, reducing the number of offices and staff.