Lawyer booth was denied publication on the disciplinary punishment of a Russian citizen in a U.S. prison

Lawyer booth was denied publication on the disciplinary punishment of a Russian citizen in a U.S. prison

NEW YORK, July 21. /Offset. TASS Alexey Kachalin/. The information that the sentence of Viktor bout to the United States increased the punishment for violation of prison rules during a telephone conversation with the journalist of the Russian TV channel RT, no. Disciplinary proceedings on this matter is not completed. About it the correspondent of TASS said Tuesday the lawyer of the Russian citizen Alexei Tarasov.

The trial is not completed

Tarasov said that any development on the disciplinary proceedings initiated against the Russians, “at the moment”.

The lawyer confirmed that the case is still under consideration. “The way it is. Yes,” Tarasov said, adding that accordingly the decision on punishment or nakazanii Victor bout was not taken. “While it [the decision] is made,” he said.

Mentioned talking on the phone with the purpose of the interview was approved by the administration of prison Marion (Illinois) and took place on 5 may. As explained by the lawyer, an employee of RT, contacted at the phone booth during the conversation, handed the phone to his colleague, not included in the list of persons who U.S. authorities allowed to communicate with the prisoner by the Russians. In Marion, this equates to a disciplinary violation for which the booth can be punished by increasing the term of imprisonment or transfer to the regime of detention in prison.

Kombucha nothing to do with it

The lawyer of Russians has not confirmed the publication of a number of Russian mass media about the recent increase in sentence bout to the United States for another violation of the regime of deprivation of liberty – making of alcohol beverage (Kombucha). In an interview with TASS earlier Tarasov reminded about this story that happened not now, but in the fall of 2015.

In October 2015, the booth was placed in complete isolation for 90 days and added 40 days to the total term of imprisonment for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the city jail Marion. The Russians have nurtured in solitary confinement Kombucha. This symbiosis of yeast and acetic acid bacteria is transformed into sweet and sour, slightly carbonated beverage called “tea kvass” in Russia, “combat” in Japan or “Kombucha” in the United States.

According to booth, for months, this drink tasted and praised not only by other prisoners specblock, but also the guards. Came once the disciplinary officer has brought some kind of device sent it for “Kombucha” and said that Kombucha contains a certain percentage of alcohol. Initiated disciplinary proceedings, in which Booth was convicted of manufacturing alcoholic beverages on prison grounds. He was deprived of the right to communicate with the outside world for 90 days and he was given 40 days imprisonment to a prison term.

Not a systematic violator

Tarasov expressed surprise by delaying disciplinary action for phone conversation with a journalist RT. “Yeah, you know, the most surprising is that is still not known yet. But the time goes”, – said the lawyer. He confirmed that the prison authorities are not restricted by law in terms of consideration of cases on violation of the regime and taking specific action.

“By law, no, there are no restrictions. Well, usually significantly less than six months. A month or two, maybe,” he said.

The lawyer admitted that the prison, U.S. authorities can more severely punish a prisoner for repeated or systematic violation of the regime. “Of course, if he repeatedly or systematically violated the regime, of course, to him, to put it mildly, are not very good,” acknowledged Tarasov, speaking about past and current proceedings against bout.

“We believe that these two cases are not linked, so we certainly do not hold the view that Viktor Bout is systematically violating prison discipline. The prison authorities take into account how many times before a prisoner was involved. In the objective numbers. Maybe it doesn’t even matter how long ago it was,” – concluded the lawyer.

Bout was arrested in 2008 in Thailand’s capital on a warrant issued by a local court on request of the United States. Against him charged with illegal arms shipments to the group “Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia”, which is considered in the US as a terrorist organization. In 2010, bout was extradited to the United States. In April 2012 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison and a fine in the amount of $ 15 million.