Structure Leonid Mikhelson equip the area by the Patriarchal bridge in Moscow

Founded by billionaire Leonid Mikhelson Fund V-A-C will oversee the project planning of the pedestrian zone of the Patriarchal bridge in Moscow, as well as the arrangement of the space under the overpass, informs “Kommersant”. Fund V-A-C (“Victoria — art to be modern”), so named after the daughter of a businessman who ranked first in the Forbes rating of “200 richest businessmen of Russia 2017” with a fortune of $18.4 billion.

According to Moskomstroyinvest, the project of reconstruction of the pedestrian zone from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to Yakimanskaya embankment developed OOO “HPP-2”.

According to “SPARK — Interfax”, is one of the structures Leonid Mikhelson — “HPP-2” belongs to him and OOO “Optima”, which is also 100% in control of Michelson.

The area of the projected area is 21 hectares, and the architectural concept of the project developed workshop the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, founded by Italian architect Renzo Piano. “In space also under flyover bridge is planned to place exhibition, Museum, creative objects, and cafes,” — said the representative of the Urban development and land Commission of Moscow.

The project of planning the territory of “HPP-2” will prepare, at its own expense.

In addition to the structure of the Michelson to the development of space in the Patriarch’s bridge claimed “Guta development” of Yuri Gushchin, who was interested in the development of space under this bridge. About this “Kommersant” said earlier the source familiar with plans of the company. The publication notes that all development assets “Guta” is situated in the Patriarch’s bridge, for example, the territory of the former factory “Red October”.

In addition to the bridge Michelson busy with other development project in the area of Bolotnaya embankment, a businessman bought the building HPP-2, located near the Patriarshy bridge, two years ago the company for 1.7 billion rubles and reworks it into a Museum of the future with bookshops, cafes, exhibition halls and premises for lectures with 350 seats.

This project also involved the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and it is financed from the Fund of Leonid Mikhelson. Previously, the cost of reconstruction of the building HPP-2 was estimated at €150 million In V-A-C “Kommersant” reported that the project is still under development, so the construction area and the investment amount is not exactly known.