The FT learned of the desire of the EU to avoid the impact of new U.S. sanctions against Russia

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called on the European parliamentarians as soon as possible to discuss possible EU response to the adoption of new US sanctions against Russia which may affect the interests of the EU. About this newspaper The Financial Times, which acquainted with the prepared to the meeting of the European Commission document.

The note outlines several possible reaction of Europe. One is to demand that the American President Donald trump “public or written assurance” that the sanctions will not affect the EU’s interests and not contradict them.

Another answer is to invalidate in the EU the restrictions of Washington that do not comply with the policies and interests of European countries, in particular, activities in Europe energy companies that have joint projects with Russia. Instead it proposed to take “retaliatory measures that meet the requirements of the WTO.”

According to the text of the appeal the cadets prepared for the meeting of the European Commission, to be held on Wednesday, 26 November, Brussels “must be ready for action in the coming days” if the U.S. sanctions “will be taken without considering the concerns of the EU.”

A bill to impose new sanctions against Russia and Iran was approved by the us Senate in mid-June, but after that its passage for the rest of the bodies in the House of representatives has stalled. The us government criticized the document for what it is “unacceptably restricts the powers of the President of the United States on the issue of sanctions”: it is about the introduction of mandatory approval by Congress of the decision of the President on the easing or lifting sanctions against Tehran or Moscow.

In mid-July in the House of representatives introduced a new version of the bill that softened the paragraph regarding the powers of the President. Saturday, July 22, the Senate and House of representatives reached a final agreement on the bill.

A new draft sanctions and supports the US President Donald trump, said on Sunday, July 23, a spokesman for the White house Sarah Sanders. The final vote on the bill scheduled for Tuesday, July 25

Earlier, the European Union has expressed concern about the new draft law of Congress, which involves the introduction of new sanctions against Russia and Iran. The representative of the EU in a statement seen by Reuters, said that Brussels had warned Washington about possible “broad and indiscriminate” and “unintended consequences” that may arise in case of approval of a new package of sanctions. According to the representative of a political unit, the restrictions can relate to “EU efforts to diversify energy sources from Russia.”