In the Federation Council asking to postpone consideration of the law on the abolition of baggage free allowance

MOSCOW, July 25. /TASS/. A number of Federation Council members asked to postpone the consideration of the law, which provides for the exclusion from the tariff for air transportation costs related to transportation of baggage in his absence. The question arose Tuesday at the final spring session meeting of the Federation Council during the discussion of the agenda.

According to some senators, this law is not sufficiently elaborated. In particular, Lyudmila Narusova noted that it is the conclusion of the consumer Society, “but it’s a fundamental law that affects the rights of consumers” and there are no reviews of public organizations.

The speaker of the upper house of Parliament Valentina Matvienko has proposed to leave the matter on the agenda. According to her, the questions that the senators will be considered and discussed, but “if we do not consider this law, it automatically goes to the President”.

“I think the passion that erupted around the law, to which of such claims is not, and relate to the draft regulation, which has caused issues. But this is only a draft, and we have the opportunity, together with the transport Ministry to work with it, bring it to the desired condition. The very meaning of the law is correct – to those citizens who fly without Luggage, had the opportunity to buy cheaper tickets,” – said Matvienko.

“There are issues, of course, they have to listen and exchange views, and ultimately our right to take action on this law. So I suggest to keep it on the agenda and exchange opinions during the discussion”, – said Matvienko.

The speaker of Council of Federation have asked senators to review the law again to look closely to “we discussed the law, not assumptions that can be reflected in one form or another in the regulations”. “Everyone will be able to speak, and then the chamber will take a collegial decision – something or other”, – said Matvienko.