Matvienko: law on the abolition of free carriage of Luggage designed for the benefit of passengers

MOSCOW, July 25. /TASS/. The law on the abolition of free carriage of baggage are developed in the interests of passengers and heated discussion around it connected with the claim to the aviation industry.

This opinion was expressed on Tuesday by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko during discussion of the law, which excludes from the fare for air transportation the costs of transportation of baggage in his absence.

“You are right to raise the problems. A lot of them accumulated in the aviation industry, but this law is in the interest of passengers, because it allows passengers who are flying without Luggage, get a discount ticket, and all the other problems… We have created a working group that understands why such expensive tickets. The Committee on economic policy until the end of the year will offer us all these measures, you are talking about,” said Matvienko, referring to the senators.

She also noted that the senators have time to work together with the Ministry of transport “to work on the content of regulations in the development of this law.” “Formally, the Ministry of transport has introduced these acts on their website, but their content does not suit the members of the Federation Council, so we have the opportunity to work on this normative act,” – said Matvienko.

The MP expressed the opinion that the senators to speak “proper outrage” situation in the airline industry, but stressed that it is not necessary “with the bath water throw out the baby and kill the good direction – cheaper tickets for the category of people who fly without Luggage.”

“We have no legal grounds for dismissal with the conciliation Commission. Claims to the law, no legal, no legal Department, no. We have no legal basis [to approve the law]. Our emotions and dissatisfaction with what is happening in the aviation industry… [no reason] to ottoptatsya on this law,” – said Matvienko.

“The law has no claims. The buttons have no complaints? No. The pockets of no claims? No. And the suit doesn’t fit! This is not the situation”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council. “To the law, no complaints. Another thing is that its normative support must be correct, we will check,” – said Matvienko.