Startups is social media: the experts appreciated the idea about registering Teens as SP

MOSCOW, July 24. /Offset. TASS Kristina Sulima/. In the state Duma has developed a bill that will allow children over 14 years not only work, but become individual entrepreneurs (SP).

A bill to allow minors to register as individual entrepreneur with 14 years, on Monday introduced in the lower house of Parliament Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, Andrei Svintsov (LDPR).

His opinion about the initiative which, on the one hand, will allow the child to organize his own start-up, and with another – will create financial risks for his parents, expressed TASS representatives of business organizations, schools and parent community.

Youth – driving force of the economy

“This is an interesting initiative, it is partly related to the law that was recently signed by the President. The law allows you to work under an employment contract of 15 years. It is logical to assume that if a teenager can work at this age, why can’t he do business? The difference in one year is irrelevant here,” said TASS, the Vice-President “Business Russia”, Chairman of the public Council under the Moscow Department of education Tatyana Mineeva.

According to her, the arguments “for” this initiative can also be attributed to the rapid development of the guidance. “Don’t forget about developing the State Duma a law on “Dual education”, which also partly fits in the context of this bill. The world is rapidly moving forward, and the younger generation – the vanguard of this movement,” – said Mineeva.

“Many activities have become more accessible to children – due to process automation. Entrepreneurial activity is no exception, especially if we talk about the activities associated with digital technology,” said TASS, the General Director of the Union of WorldSkills Russia Robert Urazov.

He noted that the Championships of professional skills, it was decided to reduce the age to 14 years, because teenagers can cope with the tasks along with the senior. “It would be wonderful if the children are not only to do something with your hands, but to create their own startups, thus accelerating processes of modernization of economy”, – said Urazov.

With the use of the bill agreed and the first Vice – President of all-Russian organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA Russia” Vladislav Korochkin. The initiative, in his view, could set the stage for more global changes in legislation related to business.

“In many countries of the world to do business, do not need to register as individual entrepreneurs. No special permissions are needed, it is the constitutional right of every person. And the proposal of the Deputy is a step in the right direction, including the abolition of required registration of an individual entrepreneur for business,” said Korochkin.


Despite the obvious advantages of the bill, according to a French, you need to consider some nuances. “It is unlikely that the student will be able to combine a successful business with the training in high school with the educational load, which is now. If we are talking about the graduates of the 9th classes, who for some reason decided to finish the education and go into business, then this is not a very good sign, the army “uneducated businessmen” is not necessary”, – said Vice-President of “Business Russia”.

Way out of a difficult situation can be a variant of alignment, the success of which will largely depend on self-organization of the student and attention from parents, he said.

“To be an individual entrepreneur – exactly the same job as any other, but here is a great degree of responsibility before the law,” said TASS Director of the Center for education №548 “Tsaritsyno”, people’s teacher of Russia Efim Rachevsky. According to him, the entrepreneur, unlike an employee is in a situation of “high uncertainty”. This is due to the need to decide issues related to profit and taxes.

“I support the initiative, announced in the state Duma, but it must be provided with a list of legislative acts which, on the one hand, equalize 14-year-old entrepreneur with 30 years in the rights and also will help to solve the question of responsibility for all risks” – said Rachevsky.

Work, according to the Director, is the most effective form of education is much more effective than any verbal appeals. “It should also be noted that the pension situation is not encouraging, the number of those who have to pay a pension begins to exceed those earning and makes contributions to the pension Fund. If the bill is to equip current and powerful system of legal security, it would have greatly helped to improve the economic situation in the country”, – considers Rachevsky.

“Modern teenagers have a high information culture, they want to work and earn. This is a very great thing and, in my opinion, they need help,” concluded the Director.

The opinion of the parent community

“In my opinion, this is a very positive and good initiative. Modern teenagers of 14-16 years are ready not only to earn money, but to make something from scratch. And it is important to have such an opportunity, because employers are in no hurry to hire teenagers, they have no on this motivation and incentives,” said TASS Director of development the National parent’s Association Marianne Shevchenko.

In her opinion, in the case of the bill of mass registration will not occur. “This is a fairly complex set of legal issues, including those associated with the IRS and other agencies. It will be a few cases when the teenager has a clear vision of its future project” – said Shevchenko.

She added that regardless of the activity chosen by the child after graduation, the entrepreneurial experience will prove useful to him in any area. “Even if they then prefer to be employed, their experience of the entrepreneur will be very important for employment,” – said the development Director of the National parents Association.

As for combining work and school, Shevchenko does not consider it a problem. “Education is not hurt, and even his sistematizirovat. My first work experience refers to 15 years, then I replaced the English teacher. More systematic period of my life was not my day was clearly painted, I ran to class, then went to teach itself,” she said.

However, in her opinion, the decision of the sole proprietorship must be a family. “This is a good way to go from idle-stop and social networks, which greatly relax”, – said Shevchenko.