Mirror measures: Moscow ceased to hold back and replied Washington

MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. Russia reduces the number of American diplomats to 455 and closes 1 August access to the Embassy dacha in Serebryany Bor. In a statement on Friday the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that these steps have been taken by the Russian side in response to the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions from the United States. U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft “was deeply disappointed and strongly objected”, said the American Embassy in Moscow. The Russian side has reserved the right mirror to answer any unfriendly steps by the US.

Long harness, but quickly go

Russia long enough patiently. After an aggressive attack on the administration of former President Barack Obama, when Washington before the new year holidays declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats and banned the use of two belonging to Russia – new York and Maryland, Moscow refused responses in the hope of improving bilateral relations with the new administration – Republican Donald trump. However, this did not happen.

Moreover, on July 27, the US Congress completed its voting procedure under the new law, which tightens restrictive measures against Russia. Only after that Moscow’s patience has burst.

Russia “has taken a responsible and restrained, still did not respond to the obvious provocations”, said in a statement Friday the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. “However, recent events indicate that in certain circles of the United States entrenched Russophobia and the policy of open confrontation with our country,” – said the Agency.

USA, stated in Moscow, under absolutely far-fetched pretext of Russian interference in their internal Affairs persist, one after another rough anti-Russian actions. “All this is contrary to the principles of international law, contrary to the provisions of the UN Charter and WTO rules, basic standards of civilized international communication”, – stressed in dipvedomstva.

Decisions are made about the illegal sanctions against Russia, seized the Russian departmenet decorated in a legally binding bilateral documents will be expelled Russian diplomats. “This clearly violates the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and accepted diplomatic practice,” – said in a statement the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

In order of reciprocity

The adoption of a new law on sanctions clearly showed that relations with Russia “have become hostage to internal political struggle in the United States.” “In addition, the new law aims at using political tools to create unfair competitive advantages for the United States in the global economy, – noted in the Ministry. – Like blackmail, aimed at restricting foreign partners cooperation with Russia, poses a threat for many countries and international business”.

Therefore, Russia proposes to the American side before September 1 of the current year to bring the number of diplomatic and technical staff working in the United States Embassy in Moscow, consulates General in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok in exact correspondence with the number of Russian diplomats and technical staff who are in the United States. “This means that the total number of personnel involved in the American diplomatic and consular institutions in the Russian Federation is reduced to 455 people,” – said on Smolensk square.

In the case of a new unilateral actions of the us authorities to reduce the number of our diplomats in the U.S. “this will be followed by a mirror response,” warned the Ministry.

In addition, the Russian side is suspending from August 1 the use of the Embassy of the United States of all storage areas on a Traffic street in Moscow and cottages in the Serebryany Bor. “We reserve the right, in order of reciprocity and on other measures that may affect the interests of the United States,” reads the statement.

On the same day, the Russian foreign Ministry had summoned the Ambassador of the USA in Russia John Tefft, who was given a copy of this statement.

Until September 1

“On 28 July, the American side was announced measures to reduce the diplomatic presence of the USA in the Russian Federation, and suspension of use of objects of diplomatic property belonging to the U.S. Embassy. The first of these measures take effect from 1 September”, – said journalists the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov.

Commenting on the reduction in the number of American diplomats and personnel in Russia up to 455 people, he noted that the way Russia restores parity, “which for a long time been violated by the Americans and by and large were unfair.”

Objects of departmenet of the Russian Federation in the USA has been illegally seized the property of ex-US President Barack Obama, reminded the Deputy Minister. “We’ve been waiting 7 months. Tomorrow exactly 7 months, the return of the property has not occurred. We were trying to push all sorts of unacceptable conditions, and in the end the patience was exhausted,” – said Ryabkov.

“We gave this notice to Washington for consideration,” – said the press service. “US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft expressed deep disappointment and strong objection,” added the Embassy.

It is significant that Moscow does not submit claims to US on who exactly of the employees of the us diplomatic mission must leave the Russian Federation. “Was the setting to the first of September to fit into the specified limit – not more than 455 people. How they will do it – that’s their business,” – said TASS source in the Russian foreign Ministry.

While at the U.S. Embassy in Russia, TASS did not explain exactly how much American diplomats are now on Russian territory and, consequently, how many people will be forced to leave the country.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, the question of what is the number of employees of American diplomatic missions in Russia, “is incorrect, this figure is floating”. “There are a significant number of locally recruited citizens of the Russian Federation, there is a category of representatives of different American agencies, who come here on a temporary basis, not long but not short (several days) trips,” said he.

Emotions can not be, from the dialogue’t refuse

However, despite the rather difficult situation in Russian-American relations, Russia does not refuse dialogue with the USA and seek solutions to existing problems, said Ryabkov. “Russia dialogue and cooperation with the United States, where available, refuses, emotions we don’t give in, will consistently, firmly, defending their interests, however, to look for solutions to the existing problems,” he said.